Secretary of State’s Office Says Worcester Election Off. Set Illegal Groundrules for Poll Observers

Today the Secretary of State sent a facsimile to the Worcester Election Commission saying that City Clerk David Rushford set up illegal guidelines for election observers.  The main points of contention are:

1) Worcester said observers must show ID: This is not a requirement of law.

2) Worcester said observers must wear badges: This is not a requirement of law.

3) Worcester claimed the above protocol was a Secretary of State Mandate: This is not the case.

4) Worcester claimed they were trained on the mandate by the Secretary of State: they were not.

5) Worcester claimed these rules were promulgated by the Secretary of State’s office: They were not.

6) Worcester claimed photography and video are not allowed in polling locations:  The Secretary of state makes clear that this is not the legal case. In fact photography and videos are allowed.

The Department of Justice needs to monitor the Worcester elections.  The city is trying to steal votes for Elizabeth Warren.

LEtter to Worcester Election Officials

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  1. Simple J. Malarkey

    Once again Rob will point to any molehill and call it a mountain.  Many of the “observers” will be representatives from the Warren campaign, there for GOTV purposes.  So these tactics Rob points to as “pro Warren” would have the same adverse impact on her campaign as the Brown campaign.  Now I’m sure Rob is more concerned about self-appointed “voter fraud” monitors, who during the last cycle (and in the Presidential Primaries) where promoting a political agenda design to intimidate people from voting than “prevent fraud”.  

    If people at RMG were really concerned about voter fraud, they would have expressed more outrage at the voter registration fraud that occurred in Western MA or pointed to the national firms caught engaging in voter registration fraud in many swing states.  But of course you don’t hear about those examples around here, because they involved GOP tactics.

    This is simply a case of Bill Galvin doing his job and Rob Eno’s fake outrage.

  2.    The Worcester Elections clerk blieve in doing things the fastest and most convenient way (to him) possible.

      I noticed that in te Colorio-Mullaney recount for Worcester School Committee last year. The table I was observing had a question about a ballot. The procedure is tat all counting at that table stops until the question is resolved. Unfortunately for Mr. Rushford, our table’s ballot was about 20th in lne at the moment. Mr. Rushford wanted the counters to continue. They knew better. The table stopped for 20 minutes. Mr. Rushford was in a tizzy.

      One popular city councillor was permitted to glad-hand his way through the room. The more unlikeable city councillor was shown the door. Mr. Rushford is human. I’m not even sure he has a political affiliation.

  3. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    For those of you new to RedMassGroup meet Simple J Malarkey.  He loves to accuse people of “fake outrage.”

    But for the record here is a thread Simple wrote 48 hours ago . . .      

    MA GOP Candidate: Male Stripper & Tax Delinquent by Simple J Malarkey   =>…  (He wrote 1 sentence and called it a thread).


  4. When everything becomes a conspiracy theory…

    I tend to agree.  Something about crying wolf. Then

  5. Simple J. Malarkey

    …I posted that silly thing because I you get from Rob is how evil Democrats are–even though this situation in Worcester hurts Warren’s people as much as any–so I saw a story about silly Republican behavior, and I posted it.  Hell, Rob makes these rabid postings about 3 times a week.  My post mocked all his “eveil Dem” posts.  

    RRRR, thank you for allowing me to make my point once again.

  6. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    I get it, you found a justifiable reason to be a prick and a community of people to be a prick to … but but but you’re only doing it because Rob and a handful of others do it.  It’s justified!  

    C’mon dude who are you kidding? Everyone knows guys like you will always find a person or a reason (you know an excuse) to act like a prick.  You don’t do it to right the wrongs committed by EaBo Clipper, you do it to be a prick to hundreds of people you don’t even know.  Simply, you get off on it, everyone here knows it.  

  7. Simple J. Malarkey

    …RRRR is shocked, shocked at people being a prick…

  8. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    That said, I’m proud to point out the difference between you and me.

    You could never in a million years come on to this blog and say ‘hey I’m sorry guys’ and mean it and not repeat the behavior again like I did on GreenMassGroup.  I’m proud of that difference.

  9. I got your back buddy!  

  10. Republican Ram Rod Radio

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