Secretary of State’s Office Says Worcester Election Off. Set Illegal Groundrules for Poll Observers

Today the Secretary of State sent a facsimile to the Worcester Election Commission saying that City Clerk David Rushford set up illegal guidelines for election observers.  The main points of contention are:

1) Worcester said observers must show ID: This is not a requirement of law.

2) Worcester said observers must wear badges: This is not a requirement of law.

3) Worcester claimed the above protocol was a Secretary of State Mandate: This is not the case.

4) Worcester claimed they were trained on the mandate by the Secretary of State: they were not.

5) Worcester claimed these rules were promulgated by the Secretary of State’s office: They were not.

6) Worcester claimed photography and video are not allowed in polling locations:  The Secretary of state makes clear that this is not the legal case. In fact photography and videos are allowed.

The Department of Justice needs to monitor the Worcester elections.  The city is trying to steal votes for Elizabeth Warren.

LEtter to Worcester Election Officials

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