Sean Bielat’s EXCELLENT video: MassGOP should study this!

A lot of MassGOP campaigns make videos, but the latest from Sean Bielat is the best I have ever seen. It should be studied by other campaigns. I mean that.

The link is here.

This video has the following going for it:

Great production values (it doesn’t look like someone just learned how to use iMovie as in many campaign videos) The lighting is fantastic. Looks like he is sitting in front of the fire or something.(It is much better than even Jeff Semon’s good videos that showed him in natural light. This was more effective as it added warmth to the pitch.)

Sean’s demeanor and tone are perfect. He effortlessly walks the edge of the knife between calmness and attack. It is the balance between being a warrior (which he is) and a citizen. A great quality in a leader. You can picture this guy sitting in a tough budget negotiation meeting, holding his own. You can’t imagine that with Kennedy.

– As he did in his open letter about the debates, he maintains a righteous – and not self-righteous – style. It is inspiring.

He is honest about needing money and help – but does not appear weak at all. That’s one hell of a skill. This plays into my third point about righteousness, and the benefits it brings.

In the MassGOP, many of us have to suffer offenses and outrages at the hands of the media and the Democrats. There is no more clear example of the power of the Democrat machine than their installation of young Joe Kennedy into a congressional district he isn’t even from.

There is so much that MassGOP candidates can do to show the voters that we are not angry, but that we are worthy, and that our cause is just. But we never see that case made effectively.

But finally, Sean describes a real injustice going on – without being overly dramatic about it – and because of that, a worthy man is being denied an opportunity for a fair contest.

Anyone can make a video and stick it on YouTube. But quality matters a great deal. There is no better example than this.

I was so impressed that I just donated another $25 to him. You should too. (link here)

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