Protect Mass Children Endorses Dean Cavaretta for State Senate

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Lynnfield, Massachusetts 01940

It is with great pride that we endorse Dean Cavaretta for State Senate.

This endorsement does not come lightly; we are a bi-partisan group who disregards political affiliation. We very rarely give endorsements, but felt compelled to do so because of Dean Cavaretta’s long -term commitment to public safety and our children.

Our leaders must put public safety first. If a leader fails to accomplish their most basic responsibility, what other questionable choices are they making on our behalf? What does a vote against protecting children say about a person’s leadership? Are they someone you truly want representing your community?

Dean Cavaretta currently sits on the advisory Board for Princess and Dolls, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating human trafficking in Massachusetts. He has a long history of advocating for children, and was recently endorsed by Karyn Polito, one of Massachusetts’ fiercest fighters for stronger laws to protect our children.

Dean Cavaretta’s opponent, Current State Senator Jamie Eldridge voted against Melissa’s Law, legislation requiring truth in sentencing measures to deal with our states most violent habitual offenders.

Melissa’s bill was signed into law by Governor Patrick this August, and passed with very little legislative opposition. The law targets those convicted multiple times for crimes like Rape of a Child with Force, Murder, Attempted Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, and Drugging for sex.

These are 42 of the most heinous crimes against children and the community. A measure no State Senator or Representative should ever vote against.

It is our hope that we have the opportunity to work with a Senator Dean Cavaretta in the next legislative session, a leader who will put the kids first.

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Protect Mass Children is a grass-roots organization working to protect children from sex offenders through awareness education and legislation. Protect Mass Children is an all volunteer group, working to make a difference for our children in the community.

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