Patrick’s Frequent Absences Draw Globe’s Attention

Better late than never, I suppose.

The Boston Globe devotes a fair amount of ink to criticism of our wandering governor today.  In addition to a news article, Joan Vennochi and Glen Johnson weigh in with an opinion and an analysis piece, respectively. That Deval Patrick is off campaigning for Barack Obama while two big scandals (the drug lab and the meningitis outbreak) are still unfolding in the state is hard to ignore.  

As Vennochi points out, Patrick’s absence is particularly glaring because while he travels the country for Obama, he frequently criticizes his predecessor, Mitt Romney, as an absent governor.  

Let’s hope the Globe keeps these episodes in mind should Patrick seek higher office.

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  • It’s been clear for a long time that Patrick is unhappy in the corner office.  He spends all his energy planning his next move:

    A) Obama wins and Eric Holder resigns.  Patrick is the new AG?

    B) Obama wins, Brown wins, and Kerry becomes SOS.  Patrick is the new Senator?

    C) Obama wins, Warren wins, and Kerry becomes SOS.  Patrick is the new Senator, faces Brown in a special election?

    D) Romney wins.  Patrick has to come home to clean up his own mess.  [Cue “wah wah wah” sound effect].

    Putting the public interest aside, which the governor clearly has done, wouldn’t he better serve his own political interest by focusing on his current job?  Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.  I can picture the Senate hearings now:

    Senator: Now governor, I see that you are really dedicated to becoming the nation’s top prosecutor, but can you explain to the American people how your own crime lab fabricated drug analysis results, leading to the freeing of hundreds of accused and convicted drug dealers?  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    that Governor Deval Patrick is actively planning a run for POTUS in 2016.  All this travel is for his (future) campaign, not Barack’s or anyone else’s…

  • If Kerry became SOS and Deval ran in special election for senator, he would not be facing Brown in the election as previously mentioned.  Brown’s seat is separate from Kerry’s.