ObamaCare Will Degrade Health Care



                       By:  Edward P.Shallow

I will initiate this article by advising people concerned with Medicare that premiums for Medicare will increase from the present $96.40 to $120.20 commencing the first of January, 2013.  This increase will be tame when matched against the increase of $247.00 per month commencing January, 2014..

These provisions incorporated in the Obamacare Legislation, purposely delayed so as not to confuse the 2012 re-election campaign, I include this information so that people, particularly seniors will know who is throwing them under the bus.

Newsmax.com  should be commended for public service for releasing. “Obamacare Guide’ Exposes Dangers of New Law, it warns  that President  Obama’s 2,700 page Affordable  Care Act “fundamentally  restructures  the way healthcare is delivered.” Since Obamacare  is already  causing  insurance premiums to spike,  with massive  cost increases to taxpayers and shrinking  Medicare  services  for seniors as the bill’s  provisions  rollout, “it’s  not an  overstatement  to say  that this law  will affect  everyone  in this country,” author Nick Tate says.  The Survival Guide is the first easy to understands book allowing consumers, seniors, business people, medical professionals to navigate the new law.

The facts indicated in the guide, clearly the big winners are people who now don’t have insurance.  That’s 37 million.

If you don’t have insurance now, you’re going to be a winner. If you are self-employed and you don’t have an employer who’s paying your insurance, you’re going to benefit from this program as well.

But the costs of the new coverage will be enormous.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates there will be close to a trillion dollars in new federal spending to sustain the massive health coverage.  In addition to this, insurance companies are also free to pass on their new costs of covering claimants with pre-existing conditions and family members covered by their parents’ policies until age 26.

Premiums for those insured have already begun to spike, and the law has yet to be fully implemented.

To pay for the newly covered, the Obama law envisions cuts of between $500 billion to $700 billion to the Medicare program.

Experts believe this will mean a reduction in care for the elderly to cover the millions of Medicaid users added to the system.

Critics  have argued  that  Obamacare’s  creation  of an independent  Advisory Board –dubbed  by critics  as a “death panel”-will control  Medicare costs  by cutting services and rationing  care.

The guide details  how tax payers  will foot  the bill  for nearly  half  of Obamacare’s  funding  in the form  of new taxes  and fees,  and individual  and employer penalties.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide indicates there are 5 dangerous Pitfalls in which ObamaCare sets out to harm you and your family:

Pitfall #1 – Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: If you are a senior, you’ll be fleeced by the $716 billion in Medicare cuts designed to substantially fund the ObamaCare over the next decade.

Pitfall #2 Insurance Companies Free to Pass on Increased Costs to you in the form of:

Higher Premiums – Higher co-pays – Higher deductibles.

Pitfall #3 – Most Americans are unhappy with ObamaCare, doctors have been particularly angry.  The earning potential of doctors is expected to dwindle due to lowered payment rates for Medicare, among other things.  Up to 40% of physicians could retire or seek a non-clinical or even a non-medical job.

Pitfall #4 – Delayed Implementation and Hundreds of Unwritten Rules.

Shockingly, many of the rules and regulations needed to make the new healthcare system function correctly haven’t even been written yet.  And as costs  inevitable  balloon  higher  than  expected, benefits for consumers  are likely  to degrade significantly, particularly  for seniors,  the highest  users  of healthcare  services.

Pitfall #5 –   Unelected Government Officials Will Have Total Control to Make Decisions about Your Healthcare.  This feature alone should advocate “We the People’ demand its repeal.  If we are going to be successful, it is imperative to elect those candidates who will do our will.

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