New Bielat Web Ad has Liberals Going Nuts!

(A page out of Downtown Scotty Brown’s book – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Sean Bielat released a new web ad today “I'd be honored.” 

I'm not sure if the embed is working so you can see the video at 

The reaction has been downright Pavlovian.

I'd be honored to send Sean Bielat back into obscurity by voting for Joe on November 6th

WillGil1213 2 hours ago This is absolutely disgusting. He says he's running on his own experience, but he can't go 5 minutes without bringing up the Kennedy's Terrible.

Patrick Likely 2 hours ago wow, this guy is pathetic. Sam Stratton 2 hours ago This video is disgusting. JKIII has been out there running on his actual record, whereas this scumbag Bielat only seems to be able to talk about his opponent's family. I understand that running a campaign is difficult when you have no chance to win, but this ad is reprehensible

pats1216 2 hours ago Vote for Joe! Sean's down 20+ points and doing anything he can to steal votes! Don't fall for it

Eric Hollenberg 2 hours ago Vote for an Actual Kennedy. Not this DOUCHEBAG!

Full disclosure: My firm works for the Bielat Campaign.

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