Massachusetts’ Lame Duck Economy

It’s relatively unpublicized, but in a one party state, the one party isn’t critical about it’s lame duck governor who’s ignoring the heck about what’s going on.

Buried deeply in the Globe, the unemployment rate is up for the 3rd straight month.  Can’t front page that only weeks before the election.

Deval Patrick, quick to boast when employment’s on the rise with his “on the mend and on the move” bravado, is notably silent even while the tax coffers are dry.

It’s interesting that when Patrick took office, the 3,284,500 were working. Now, September, 2012, it’s 3,249,600.

Oh yeah, and food stamp pariticipation is on the rise. with a rate of increase over last year that’s higher than 42 other states: On the move and on the dole.

Think about that!  Employment down, tax collections down, yet a budget for F/Y 13 of $32.5 billion, a 4% spending increase over F/Y 12.  BTW, healthcare is 43% of this year’s budget.  For reference, it was 34% of F/Y 2011 budget.  So much for the Aministration’s cost containment.

SCAM OF THE DAY!  Here you go.  Live out of state? Earn less than 300% of Federal poverty level?  Have friends or family in Massachusetts?  Score!  Simply apply for insurance using their address and score some government subsidized coverage.  It’s easy and free and even the administration knows about it. (I’ve noticed this scam going on now for about 2 years and personally know parents who encourage their adult out of state kids to claim they live with their Mass parent so the kids can buy cheap insurance.)

Naturally, spending sans revenue means the extra money comes from somewhere:  it’s the debt.  From Massachusetts still has more debt per capita than all but 3 states and a staggering $19.5B underfunded public pension

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