Ignore Question Two

Don’t waste any money donating to any organization working on Question Two, either supporting or opposing it.

After the election, if the question passes, the legislature will recognize that voters were not fully informed and that the law is badly written and irresponsible, and will repeal the voter initiative.

I’m glad that this happened:

Mass. critics of suicide question return $250,000


Associated Press / September 14, 2012

BOSTON (AP) – A group opposed to a ballot question that would allow terminally ill patients to self-administer life-ending drugs has returned a $250,000 donation from a conservative Mississippi-based organization with anti-gay views, but which describes itself as pro-family.

The American Family Association was the largest single donor to the Committee Against Physician Assisted Suicide, which has raised more than $900,000 to launch a campaign against the question, which will appear on the November ballot.

A committee spokesman told the Associated Press on Friday that the organization wanted to make sure that the debate remained focused on the ballot question.

Mark Horan said the agendas of the two groups are different and that voters deserve ”a serious and vigorous debate” on the question, which is No. 2 on the ballot.

”The issue of physician assisted suicide is complex,” Horan said in a statement. ”The sole focus of the committee is the issue of physician assisted suicide. Returning the check to AFA is in the interests of more focused debate on Question 2.”

That’s good, we don’t need to see 250,000 worth of ads about it, though the local media is probably upset. The best thing is to just ignore it and wait for the Legislature to repeal it later. Hopefully it will put an end to all these stupid ballot questions. They are just a waste of money and resources, and harm democracy by trivializing and distracting, turning important issues into little consumer products and voters into consumers to be marketed to.

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