How do we respond to this post on BMG?

(While Warren’s people are holding signs, Brown’s team are knocking on doors all across the state, and making phone calls.  Let them believe what they want. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I confess I check into BMG every day, as do many of us.  

And this post reflected my worries about the lack of visability, although I am seeing more and more nice big signs for Scott in my North Shore area, but no overcrowded local headquaters.  

 Can''t we find some sign holders who won't embarrass us with war whoops?

Where’s Scott’s Organization? Sign of Weakness Should Encourage the Rogue Supporters 

 Maybe that’s what caused the anxiety in his voice last night. He saw Scott Brown signs tied to fences. Not in hands like the scores of Warren sign holders.  

Where are the fans from two years ago? What the hell is happening here? He’s a U.S. Senator and he can’t turn out the bodies for a simple pre-debate sign holding. Tim Murray could do this blind folded.

Where are the headquarters overflowing with volunteers. What about the canvassing and phone calls? What happened? What’s changed in two years? Why can’t Scott get it going?


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