Herald’s Workplace Diversity Job Fair!

At the top of my morning email today was this gem from bostonherald.com

On Tuesday, October 30th, the Boston Herald is sponsoring the Workplace Diversity Job Fair

Now I thought that everyone knew that “workplace diversity” was a code word for “straight whites need not apply” but that’s ok because we Americans just cherish diversity. Don’t we?

I liken the entire concept of affirmative action to this.

Say I am at the Market Basket and there are only two checkout lines open. It’s a busy day so the lines are really long.

Ah well. It’s going to be a while, I guess.

Then suddenly, along comes a member of a chosen demographic group who looks at the line, smirks and cuts right to the front of the line.

Naturally we Americans waiting in line would smile knowing that this was a good thing. Justice was being served.

We could extrapolate that further in the case of Elizabeth Warren but this is not the place for that type of thinking. Besides the economy is terrible and there is only one checkout open.

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