Hello Red Mass Group, It’s Been Too Long. I’m Doing Some Anti-Scott Brown Canvassing – WITH POLL

Sorry for dumping on Scott Brown but the guy is not the guy  I hoped he’d be. And Mitch McConnell is dangerous.

Since Scott relies heavily on Eric Ferhnstrom’s brand of seventh grade politics I thought it necessary to view Scott as Eric would if asked, I mean paid. (of course no one can think like Eric)

C’mon, everyone here cringes each time Senator Brown inserts his upbringing into the conversation. Something not right about throwing his poor alcoholic mother under the bus to get elected and than pimp it as book for a $700,000.00 advance.

He never knew his grandmother but he called her a loose woman and accused his aunt in NY and her family of treating him worse than Cinderella.

The poor woman suffered emotionally after reading the untrue memories of a belligerent teenager in later years spreading horrible falsehoods of her mother and family.

Scott did have a father around and by all accounts the old man worked on having a relationship with his kid who lived with the alcoholic mother.

Hey world!!! This is not a unique story and hard working successful, and happy adults survive it everyday.

But none exploit the women in the lives the way Scott Brown has to advance personal and political agendas. It’s offensive to women and men for so many reasons. Chivalry? You tell me.

You guys are the one that have to get your act together. We need more Bill Weld and Richard Tisie Republicans and less Scott Brown frauds.

Really, Brown is just Karyn Polito that got liucky. Nothing more going on there.


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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Everyone should vote for Scott Brown because a U.S. Senator’s job lasts for 6 years.  And by most people’s estimates Elizabeth Warren is only 1 year away from being that crazy old cat lady that walks around Harvard Square with her metal shopping cart collecting tin cans and cardboard scraps.  The woman is insane!  She is as white as they come, and yet she insists she is a Cherokee Indian.  She practices law without a license, which we should assume a Professor of Law would know is required.  And she thinks Bobby Valentine deserves another year coaching the Red Sox.  I knew the guy was toast at the starting gate….She thought she was going to Washington to work with Senator Dick Lugar!  Imagine the surprise on her face if she showed up and he was gone….

    Elizabeth Warren is ‘non compos Mentis’.  

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    You know what this looks like right?  I mean 1 troll to another?

    You haven’t posted up on this blog in 2 years and NOW your here to unveil your new secret weapon?  Scott Brown’s fricken Aunt?  That line of attack?    

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, you sound like it’s late in the 4th quarter and your team needs to do something, anything.  The original playbook was thrown out a while ago and now it’s time to try shit that you would never have even considered trying 30 days ago.  Good luck on you Hail Mary attempt!

  • gary

    It’s offensive to women and men for so many reasons. Chivalry? You tell me.

    Irony, arguing chivalry when discussing the worthiness of a person holding Ted Kennedy’s seat.

  • Hey Ernie, you’re transgendered, right? I was wondering how you felt about transgenderism, specifically transgendered reproduction rights. Should kids that are being raised as the other sex be allowed to use stem cell derived opposite-sex gametes to pass on their genes with someone of their original sex?

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio


    What do we do guys!  What do we do?