Five Things you should know today October 4, 2012

1. David Kravitz still hasn’t weighed in on law license controversy

Former SCOTUS law clerk, and current Blue Mass Group blogger, David Kravitz still has not weighed in on Elizabeth Warren practicing law in Massachusetts without a law license.

2. Romney absolutely destroyed the President

It wasn’t even close folks.  I for one did not think Mitt Romney had that in him.  Or maybe its just so easy to utterly destroy the presidents lackluster performance at the helm of this nation, that anybody could have done it?  But Mitt Romney was on his game last night.  He looked presidential, he sounded presidential, he acted presidential and destroyed Obama with the facts.  

The line of the night from me was, you spent 50 years of the so called “tax breaks” for big oil on green energy.  That was a home run.

3. Blue Mass Group: Romney Won but hey it didn’t move the polls in the 30 seconds after the debate

Our good friend David, over at BMG, while not finding the time to talk about Warren’s committal of a misdemeanor, did opine on the aftermath of the debate.

The consensus on both sides seems pretty clear: in terms of debating points, Romney won the night.  The snap polls say so, left-leaning pundits say so, even kos of Daily Kos says so.  I couldn’t watch most of it, but I don’t see much difference of opinion on the question of who brought their “A” game and who didn’t.

That said, a couple of themes are emerging.  First – and this is quite important – the same snap poll that shows that Romney won the night by a whopping 67-25 also showed that the favorable/unfavorable numbers did not move for either candidate.  If that holds up, it is terrible news for Romney, because he desperately needs to turn those numbers around to have any realistic shot at winning.  Romney’s unfavorable rating has consistently exceeded his favorable (while the reverse is true of Obama), and that is a deadly place to be in October.  No candidate since at least 1980 has been upside-down in fav/unfav at this point in the race and come out a winner.

It’s hard to be a defender of this President, you almost have to feel for the guy.

4. Will Bobby Valentine last until noon?

Our long national Red sox Nation nightmare is over.  The season has ended.  Now the Bobby V watch begins…  

Will Valentine last until noon as the manager?

5. Job’s commission full of same old big government recommendations

A state commissioned jobs report is full of the same old Keynesian economic policies that have killed jobs in Massachusetts.  The Lowell Sun reports.

Legislators are praising a report calling for targeted job training and infrastructure investment. But they warn it could cost taxpayers more money to turn those recommendations into reality.

“Wonderful proposal, lots of work, but we need the old-fashioned green stuff (money) to make a lot of this work,” said Rep. Jim Miceli, a Democrat from Wilmington, after the release Wednesday of the Legislature’s Job Creation Commission report.

Whatever heappened to getting out of the way?

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