Five Things you should know today, October 18, 2012

1. David Kravitz still silent on Law License

David Kravitz is still silent on the practice of Law without a license by Elizabeth Warren.

2. Margery Eagan learns the secret that Richard Tisei is a Liberal Republican

Margery Eagan is in with breaking news in today’s Boston Herald. Apparently Richard Tisei is a Republican that Moonbats could love.

Tisei, meanwhile, is the sort of moderate Republican Massachusetts loves. He may be the only GOP candidate in the entire country “who supports gay marriage and who’s prochoice and who wouldn’t sign the (Grover) Norquist no-tax pledge,” he told me yesterday. “I have a history of being bipartisan and a problem-solver.”

Tisei, 50, a longtime lawmaker, ran on Charlie Baker’s ticket as lieutenant governor in 2010. “The problem in Washington right now is too many ideologues voting straight party line and as a result nothing is getting done,” Tisei said.

I’d say a problem in Massachusetts right now is that every single politician who represents us in Washington is a Democrat, save Scott Brown, who is in a very tight re-election race. How about a little more diversity around here?

3.  Apparently the much vaunted ethics reforms passed by Democrats are a joke.

Again from the Herald we learn that the much vaunted ethics reform, touted by Democrats, is a joke.

The Bay State’s ballyhooed ethics overhaul isn’t passing the “smell test,” according to government watchdogs, as a Herald review found a whopping two-thirds of newly promoted chief probation officers in the scandal-ravaged department have relatives on the state payroll.

All told, 81 of the 320 staffers hired or promoted in the patronage-ridden trial court in the past year have at least one relative who works for the state, as did 10 of the 15 newly promoted chief probation officers.

“Those numbers would indicate that the old adage of it’s not what you know but who you know is still alive and well and operating in our one-party state,” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading).

4. Debate night in the Andovers

Two towns, and three big time debates last night in the Andovers.  First was the Tierney-Tisei slugfest in North Andover, then concurrently was a League of Women Voters series of debate with two main events. A debate between Jim Lyons and patronage job-seeker Barbara L’Italien and a debate between Paul Adams and Barry Finegold.  The Eagle Tribune has the story.

“My opponent as she had pointed out wants to say that she works together,” he said. “And she is right. The Democrats have worked together to raise our taxes, they have worked together to cut local aid to our cities and towns and they have worked together to restrict the budget process and to close it up.”

L’Italien said she hasn’t been afraid to stand up against her party when she thinks they are wrong, saying Lyons “has a very narrow ideological based agenda.”

Lyons said he will continue to fight to end the “tax and spend” mentality of Beacon Hill and railed at L’Italien for voting to raise the sales tax from 5 percent to 6.25 percent while in office.

After last night’s performance, L’Italien will be seeking another Patronage job in the not to distant future.

Disclosure: Both Lyons and Adams are clients.

5. Obama Campaign reminds voters to bring an ID to vote in Massachusetts.

No this is not a joke, The Barack Obama campaign is reminding you to bring an ID to vote.

If this is your first time voting in a federal election in Massachusetts you may be asked to show an ID before you can vote on Election Day. Identification may include (but is not limited to):

   A current and valid Massachusetts driver’s license

   Another valid photo ID

   A current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or other government document that shows your current and complete name and current address.

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