“Fame Daddy” hoax based on truth

So last week I started hearing about a new celebrity sperm donor company called “Fame Daddy” that claimed to have sperm and eggs of celebrities, athletes, and geniuses for sale. Now the story has become that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax, complete with a nice website, an actor pretending to be an executive of the company being interviewed on a BBC morning show, and a well produced funny YouTube commercial for the fake company:

Pretty well done hoax, I say, because it really sounded true at first, and because it shows where we are going, indeed where we already are, with the donor gamete industry. There is no right to conceive using donor gametes, because a) it violates the rights of the child being created to be born to a committed married mother and father, and b) it violates the rights of married couples to use their own genes. People should not feel they have an obligation to give their child better genes, and that right is undermined by the availability of donor gametes that are supposedly screened for all sorts of qualities.  

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