Elizabeth Warren endorses Dick Lugar, and Dick Lugar endorses Scott Brown

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By now you have heard that Harvard Professor, and faux Cherokee Indian, Elizabeth Warren endorsed U.S. Senator Dick Lugar as a Republican she looked forward to working with once she gets to Washington.  Her endorsement of Lugar was silly because Senator Lugar is retiring after 36 years in the Senate.  He was the longest serving Senator still in the US Senate.  

Dick Lugar’s retirement wasn’t voluntary though, he was retired during the Republican primary by a younger man named Richard Mourdock, who had Tea Party support in his defeat over Lugar. You remember the Tea Party don’t you?  Its that political movement that Nancy Pelosi termed ‘astroturf’ because it wasn’t real, and certainly not effective.  I wonder if Lizzy Warren will be willing to work with him?

After hearing of Elizabeth Warren’s gaffe Dick Lugar promptly endorsed U.S. Senator Scott Brown.  Read it here.

In a statement Tuesday, Lugar said Brown could be counted upon to “rise above partisanship and do the right thing.” Lugar cited Brown’s vote to confirm a nuclear arms control treaty with Russia.

His official endorsement also included these kind words:

“We need senators like Scott Brown in the U.S. Senate, and I wholeheartedly endorse him,” Lugar said in a statement this afternoon. “In just two and a half years, he has established himself as a Senate leader who can be counted upon to rise above partisanship and do the right thing.”……

“As an example, in order to confirm the START nuclear arms control treaty with Russia, Scott approached the issue with an open mind and announced his support for the Treaty at a critical moment, leading the way toward bipartisan ratification,”

Sounds like Elizabeth Warren became odd man out…Oh poor Lizzy…..

When asked by an increasingly aged looking, and nonsensical David Gregory who ELSE might she like to work with since Lugar would be gone, she replied “uuummm, ummm, well ummm……”.  Elizabeth Warren could not name a single Republican Senator.

Since Elizabeth Warren is good at making up things i.e. working with Lugar, being Cherokee, having parents that eloped, working for the hammered middle class, I rather half expected her to name a Senator like Henry Clay or Thomas Jefferson or maybe even Daniel Webster.  

So if Elizabeth Warren wins who is she going to play with in Washington?  It seems all her friends will be gone.  Maybe she and Elena Kagan can hang out and share stories of how they both worked for Harvard law School.  

Warren: “Remember when they hired me because I told them I was an Indian?”

Kagan: “Oh My God, don’t make me laugh when I am drinking milk because it comes out my nose.  I still can’t believe they fell for that.  And then the idiots went and reported it to Washington.”

Warren: “I told them I had high cheekbones.  Pfsst, I am as white as rice for crying out loud.  Me an Indian, pleeeaaasse.”

Kagan: “That’s alright, I told them I was an Egyptian.  During my interview for the job I wore one of those metalic skirts and snake headwraps.  They totally fell for it”.

Warren: “Should I call you Cleopatra?”

Kagan: “Call me anything you want…Pocahontas”

Warren: “Oh yeah, BFF.”

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