Companies warning of layoffs if Obama wins…But look what Obama is doing..

A growing number of corporations are telling their workers the honest truth – ‘If Obama wins, they will have no choice but to layoff workers’.  

One story in Milwaukee:

The Journal Sentinel’s Web site posted an e-mail Thursday from Mike White, chairman of Rite-Hite. He said he respects his employees’ right-to-vote as they choose – but White told them to think carefully about their vote in order to, “protect the business you have helped build.”

The story goes further:

Westgate Resorts’ CEO David Siegel has said that if taxes are raised, quote, “I will have no choice but to reduce the size” of his luxury resort business.

CEO’s for Koch Industries, Murray Energy, and ASG Software have also told their employees the possible consequences of an Obama victory. And the political Web site “The Nation” said the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has started a campaign to have companies include political statements in pay envelopes – including who not to vote for.

The U.S. Supreme Court allowed such activity in its “Citizens United” decision – the one that legalized corporate involvement in politics.

It is no secret that the Chamber of Commerce believe that both Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren are bad for American business….

But read this…Obama, knowing that company layoff warnings would hurt his re election strategy, worked to safeguard his election by using taxpayer monies to give assurances that the federal government will pick up any legal and compensation costs relative to the WARN Act penalties that may accrrue due to layoffs.

Facing the likelihood of mandatory budget cuts going into effect after Jan. 1, Lockheed and other defense contractors had been threatening to send out WARN Act notices about Nov. 1 to tell employees they could be in danger of being laid off due to budget cuts.

Now Bloomberg News reports that the Obama administration, which did not want a flood of layoff notices arriving in mailboxes before election day, has given the defense contractors assurances the U.S. government will pick up the tab for any legal and compensation costs they incur if they face WARN Act penalties as a result of budget sequestration induced layoffs.

Federal law requires most employers with 100 or more workers to give 60 days’ notice of plant closings or “mass layoffs” — labor cutbacks affecting 500 or more workers, or at least 33 percent of the workforce for companies with fewer than 500 employees.

In other words, Obama is doing nothing to prevent the layoffs, rather he is just going to pay the penalties for the companies when they do it without warning.  How shameful is that!  That is my money being used to payoff companies so they won’t announce layoffs before the election….

“Shhh, keep the layoffs quiet until I win re election, and then I will pay the penalties for you, with taxpayer money”.  Some of that money will come from the very workers that are going to be laid off in this event.  Why isn’t this being investigated?  As questionable as it is to ‘announce’ possible layoffs if Obama wins – I find it far more disturbing that my money will be used to skirt the law on behalf of Obama’s campaign….

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