Says area towns have suffered as state aid has declined drastically

ACTON – Cities and towns across the Middlesex and Worcester District are hurting due to dramatic decreases in Local Aid in recent years, says Dean Cavaretta (R-Acton), candidate for state Senate in the Middlesex and Worcester District.

“Since the beginning of the Great Recession, cities and towns in our area have lost size-able chunks of state aid because of a lack of leadership and irresponsible state spending priorities,” said Cavaretta.

According to numbers produced by Cavaretta’s campaign, communities in the Middlesex and Worcester Senate district have lost almost $10.5 million in local aid payments since Fiscal Year 2009, for an average decrease of over 18% in state aid.

All communities in the area have seen their share of unrestricted municipal aid cut by about one-third during this time period.

“Having served previously as an Associate Member of the Finance Committee in Stow, I know how difficult it can be for cities and towns to deal with decreases in state aid,” said Cavaretta.

As an example, Stow saw Local Aid depleted so substantially that their per capita share of state aid was in the bottom five percent of all communities statewide.

“I find this unacceptable and I find it to be the sign of a systemic failure. Having fewer state dollars at our disposal makes it more difficult for communities to deliver essential services like education and public safety. These services have a direct impact on the quality of life for residents. Decreased state aid also puts pressure on local tax rates, and depletes local reserve accounts, which can make it more costly for cities and towns to borrow money.”

“As a State Senator, I will be an independent fighter for Local Aid,” continued Cavaretta. “I’ll do that by voting for more disciplined and principled state spending that frees up public and higher education dollars. My opponent has voted in favor of bloated state budgets and has supported using state resources for failed investments like Evergreen Solar, putting his own priorities ahead of the wants and needs of our cities and towns. The only way to fix this situation is to have balanced competition and more, open debate on Beacon Hill.”

Dean Cavaretta is the Republican candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate in the Middlesex and Worcester District, consisting of the city of Marlborough and the towns of Acton, Ayer, Devens, Boxborough, Harvard, Hudson, Littleton, Maynard, Northborough (precinct 3), Shirley, Stow, Southborough, Sudbury (precincts 2 and 3) and Westborough.

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