Another strong showing by Senator Brown

Let’s get to the easy off-the-mark lame-stream media narrative that will appear tomorrow: that Brown was mean in retorting to Professor Warren by saying he wasn’t her student. He wasn’t; Brown was just was quick on his feet and data-driven, sharp as a knife, a street kid ready to brawl. Brown captured the ground, held it and expanded upon it. There was plenty of Brown charm as well.  

Brown reminded the voters that he is a Massachusetts native and had a feel for the people of this state. She does not she is a creature of Washington and Cambridge. She is not a great candidate (Where are you Marisa DeFranco?)

Warren stumbled failing to relate to the sports culture that is Massachusetts. It was an opportunity to show some humanity; Warren leaves us cold. She is unlikeable and even her ideological supporters know it. Her talking points about pleasing every part of the liberal Democratic base is growing old. Does anyone care about birth control pills at this stage?

Brown enjoyed a Reaganesque moment when he said that he thought Warren was a great professor and that he would work hard to make sure that she remains one. Debate over. Moments like this win over the Reagan Democrats and hold onto the independents who will split the ticket on November 6. All that’s missing is a trip to the Erie Pub.

Dick Gregory was awful. The debate consortium didn’t learn its lesson from 2010 that you import an outsider (see David Gergen in January 2010) at a huge risk. Brown handled Gregory well and actually benefited from the newsman’s hard questioning. The only slip up took place when Brown was asked by Gregory on his favorite Supreme Court justice but this pales in comparison to Warren’s reaching for good answer to a question about working with a favorite Republican. Someone forgot to brief her that Lugar won’t be in the next Congress. The voters in Indiana got sick of his style and aloofness. Brown was smart enough to remind everyone that Warren will vote with her team 100 percent of the time. She will not be bipartisan.

Brown shined on the Dream Act speaking honestly. He earned points with the blue collar Democrats who think immigration is a rigged game for the elites.

But Brown also shined on drawing the distinctions with Warren, particularly with his commitment to bipartisanship and his defense of tax cuts. There is no question who the fiscal conservative is on this race. He reminded us which business person exactly wants to send their money to Washington to be wasted? Big score for Brown.

Watching RMG’s online thread one can only conclude that the moon-bats at Blue Mass Group and Blue Mass Group Lite are pulling their hair out. Warren is not a good candidate. Oddly the liberals sounded like tired conservatives railing about the media when they carried on about Mr. Gregory. What goes around comes around. It’s called Karma. Can we now get a kind word for Jon Keller from BMG?  

With two debates under his belt, Brown has demonstrated he has the instincts on on a pretty good line of attack on Warren. He did not raise the issue about her law license — a grand distraction and pet issue here at RMG that serves no purpose at this stage. Character is important but it’s about the economy.

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