Women’s Nonprofit News Group slams Elizabeth Warren – Finds herself a target in ‘War on Women’.

(As an aside the womyn who runs this website, said I was a great gift to the cause of women’s rights.  She said this as I argued with her in the green room at NECN. I think I should be flattered, right? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Can you imagine – Women demanding other women stand up for women!

Women’s Enews.org has taken Elizabeth Warren to task for failing to stand up for women’s rights at Harvard University – all the while claiming to be a defender of women’s rights.

Last week Elizabeth Warren was not shy in lambasting Missouri Rep Todd Akin over his comments about ‘legitimate’ rape.  She claimed they were part of a Republican agenda even though her opponent Scott Brown demanded Akin step away from the race.  

Women’s ENews.org made the assertion that Elizabeth Warren has herself been part of a University that has shown great indifference to the plight of women and rape.  Like so many other issues, Warren claims to be a defender of rights, yet has a history void of any actual effort to fix the problems.

Warren has said nothing on this critical issue yet. She has no track record whatsoever of showing concern for the epidemic of rape in this country, where 1-in-4 women will be raped in their lifetime. Nor has she spoken out about our legal system’s failure to do anything about it.

For over 10 years Harvard University has been embroiled in controvery regarding its own violations of women’s rights.

She should also address her own university’s repeated violations of rape victims’ civil rights.

Warren has been a full-time professor at Harvard Law School since 1995, but said nothing when Harvard College was investigated by the federal government 10 years ago for violating victims’ rights by requiring all campus assault victims to produce “sufficient, independent corroboration” for their reports of sexual assault. The requirement of corroboration was abolished from criminal rape law many decades ago and was decried at the time as profoundly sexist. Harvard didn’t care. It turned back the clock to a dark time in American legal history and pronounced that the word of a woman wasn’t good enough for Harvard.

Once again, Elizabeth Warrren has tried to create the impression that she has been a fighter for certain issues, but lacks the proof of doing anything toward the cause unless it profited her personally.

Warren said nothing about that.

Nor did she speak out during the past two years while Harvard Law School has been under separate investigation for multiple violations of rape victims’ civil rights, including that school officials refuse to apply an appropriate standard of proof during disciplinary hearings for sexual misconduct.

Ninety percent of schools nationwide comply with the federal requirement that schools apply a “preponderance of evidence” standard–more likely responsible than not.

But Harvard Law School has arrogantly refused to obey federal law and insists on applying a much tougher “clear and convincing” evidence standard.

Like so many other important issues of our time Elizabeth Warren falsely lays claim to the role of ‘fighter’ and ‘champion’ when in truth she was going along to get along.  She has worked at Harvard for 17 years and has said nothing about women’s rights in respect to the University’s lax attitude toward rape victim defense.  She has also spent 17 years avoiding any contact with campus Native American groups.  She is not who she claims to be.

I have said it before, and I will say it again – you aren’t a fighter for a cause simply because you see yourself as such.  Elizabeth Warren has spent 17 years profiting at a school where women rape victims are further humiliated by antiquated rules and policies regarding rape.  Elizabeth Warren said NOTHING, ever!  

There is no proof that Elizabeth Warren has EVER been a champion of any women’s causes to this very day.  This war on women that she claims to be fighting is imaginary. If it were real, and she believed in it, she would have spoken out at Harvard Law School, but she didn’t.  She went along to get along.  Her paycheck was too big, and her investments too valuable to stick her nose out in defense of issues important to women.  

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