What the National Democrats Forgot About Massachusetts Republicans

Professor William Jacobsen of Legal Insurrection and Rob Eno of Red Mass Group have done an amazing job exposing Elizabeth Warren’s warpath of fraud, deception, and corruption.

Between the Native American Heritage Fable, Pow Wow Chow Plagiarism, and now Elizabeth Warren’s Practicing Law Without a License, they have been able to break through the media noise and uncover things that would never have come to light in an earlier time.

It says something about the state of the Democratic Party that their newest rising star was supposed to come out of deepest blue Massachusetts to win a Senate Seat they had held for decades upon decades before. Where Republicans have been picking up prospective talent from traditionally progressive states like Wisconsin in the persons of Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, progressives are essentially turtling on safe territory – and they will lose.

Let me be very blunt here and say Elizabeth Warren was a deliberate selection by national Democrats working through the Obama campaign. Rather than go with someone tested in many races with great name recognition like a great number of the Massachusetts Democratic bench, they chose that woman for one reason only:

They wanted to contrast a smart, female, elite Harvard academic and professor against the Truck-Drivin’, Barn Coat Wearin’ Cosmopolitan Modelin’ Massachusetts Redneck from the hinterlands of Wrentham. That is the warped lens though which they viewed this race, and that assumption has come back to bite them in the rear end over and over again. Scott Brown is neither a fool nor a frat boy, he is a JAG (aka a Real Lawyer) with an honorable career of military service and a common touch few can replicate from having lived a difficult life growing up.

It was all about optics and images and narratives for them, and had nothing to do with the candidate’s history or qualifications. And why should they worry about those? After all, to date they’ve had three consecutive Speakers of the House indicted on felony charges, and in 2010 they stemmed the Republican tide and maintained their full suite of statewide offices. The Boston media is their lapdog and servant, just as the national media is Obama’s lapdog and servant.

Unfortunately for national Democrats they forgot one little thing about Massachusetts Republicans: Every single election cycle we are forced to fight behind enemy lines and fight our way to every vote. Speaking only for my own locality, we have two amazing fighters for State Reps in Shaunna O’Connell and Keiko Orrall.

The loss in 2010 was painful, but it did not slow our activists down. Since then we’ve redoubled our efforts, and with the assist of Scott Brown with MassVictory offices all over the state, we now have a technology and GOTV structure to enhance the grassroots activism of 2010. Combined with the absolute tenacity and ferocity, especially of Massachusetts Conservatives, I predict we’re going to pick up at least one house seat, and keep Scott Brown for a full six years.

What national Democrats forgot is that Massachusetts Republicans, those that are actually successful, are born fighters tempered in hostile political environments who have been itching for victory for years, and, given the tools and the people to achieve it, will do what it takes to get to their ends. Thus why we have leading lights like Professor Jacobsen, Rob Eno, and a great number of our legislative Republicans who live, eat, and breathe a fighting spirit reminiscent of the Founders who made their own mark here way back when in 1776. I understand Prof. Jacobsen is at Cornell, but having been steeped in the leftist Harvard ethos, I think we can make him an honorary Bay Stater, should he choose to accept it.

It is too early to celebrate yet, but I reserve the right to, on November 7th, lay out a toast to all the fighters behind enemy lines in Massachusetts and everything we’ve accomplished through sweat, tenacity, and hard work. Keep on fighting. We can win, and we will win.

Ending memo to the Dems, should any read this: Mitt Romney is a Massachusetts Republican, too.

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