What Scott Brown needs to say about Romney’s 47% remark

(Mr. Dawg tries to be helpful. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

When the moderators at tonight’s debate ask (and they will ask) for Brown to defend the secretly-recorded remarks by Mitt Romney, that Obama’s base is 47% of the electorate that pays no taxes and is dependent on the state, this is how he should respond:

“I believe Gov. Romney’s point was more abstract, about the voter base each candidate faces in the national election. I disagree with the numbers he cited. I also disagree that that dynamic applies here in Massachusetts.

My election in 2010 proves you can’t write off any voter: I won with the help of thoughtful Democrats crossing party lines and truly Independent voters who consider the candidate, not the party. I’ve earned the votes of those who support both candidates for President and I am proud of that. And I’ve served the people of Massachusetts, regardless of their political leanings, regardless of who they voted for. I’m proud to represent the best interests of all my constituents by being their independent voice in Washington.”  

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