Tisei-Tierney-Fishman Debate Coverage:

Did anyone attend the big MassInc. debate in Lynn yesterday? Is today’s coverage a fair representation of what was said?

The Globe lead with Tierney’s tired “assault”.

LYNN – Republican challenger Richard R. Tisei said he could work with Democrats, but Democratic US Representative John F. Tierney scoffed at that assertion, in a 6th Congressional District debate today.

“I have a record of being able to work with Democrats,” Tisei said in the debate at North Shore Community College. “I don’t just talk the bipartisan talk, I walk the bipartisan walk.”

But Tierney said it was “comical” to hear Tisei talk about being bipartisan, charging that 99 percent of the time in Tisei’s State House career he had sided with the Republicans.

Tierney also argued that, once in Congress, Tisei would vote for Representative Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman now running for vice president, and Representative Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, and other “ideological extremists” as leaders.

Meanwhile the Herald reported:

Things got testy, but the involvement of U.S. Rep. John Tierney’s family in an illegal gambling ring never came up during a one-hour-plus debate yesterday with the Salem Democrat and Republican challenger Richard Tisei.

Instead, Tierney repeatedly blasted Tisei for a Young Guns Action Fund ad – proof that Tisei is “lashing out on a personal, negative campaign,” Tierney charged.

Tisei later fired back by holding up a mailer sent out by pro-Tierney forces claiming he would work to end Medicare.

“The reason nothing gets done is things like this get sent out scaring the heck out of everybody,” Tisei said.

What’s exactly wrong for voting for Paul Ryan? Tierney’s strategy isn’t working.

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