Tierney’s lack of tax transparency! In a contest of character, Tisei, wins by a mile

Who exactly is running the Tierney campaign? Since he has a thin record and is a rubber stamp for Pelosi and a tax hiker who doesn’t care about companies in his own district, Tierney is all about baseless attacks.

1) His effort to tie the most moderate Richard Tisei to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin are off the mark and insults the basic intelligence of the voter in the Sixth District. Tisei voted against his party a substantial amount of the time and compensated for that with excellent constituent services and the ability to win time and time again in a very Democratic district. Running against the Tea Party is not a sound strategy. It just might make the TP base overlook Tisei’s shortcomings.

2) His effort to paper over the gambling issue by drawing some kind of moral equivalence with the Tisei’s family legal problems of which were routine for any family in business is going nowhere (except in the Democratic fever swamps and the media). Apparently yellow dog Democrats in the Congressional delegation and AGCoakley buys into this.

3) And now Tierney’s “tax” problems. Were the ill-gotten gains a gift to his wife or a fee for services performed by his wife on behalf of a criminal enterprise?

The Globe checks in this morning and it’s not looking good for Pelosi’s main go-to guy, the man from Salem, John Tierney. Again the media is not immune to the moral equivalence game the Democrats are playing and there’s a little of that in today’s Globe story. As a businessman Tisei took risks and had to meet a payroll (which is more we can say for Tierney lack of business experience). For a few years Tisei went without any income save for his state salary. As a politician Tierney is a lifelong hack who knew that gambling was a thread in his wife’s family and that he as a member of Congress was likely to vote on legalizing gambling.

Tisei, the former Republican minority leader of the state Senate, paid no federal income taxes in 2006 or 2008, after reporting losses from his Lynnfield real estate firm and two rental properties, according to 10 years of tax returns he provided at the request of the Globe.

Tierney, meanwhile, has resisted disclosing any of his returns despite a public pledge to do so, numerous requests by the Globe, and new questions about whether he and his wife should have reported to the IRS at least some portion of the $200,000 that federal prosecutors say his wife received from a brother’s illegal gambling business, from 2003 to 2010.

Late Tuesday afternoon, after being pressed for weeks and being told the story would be published the next day, an attorney for Tierney offered to show the congressman’s tax returns to the newspaper in his office on Thursday morning – too late for the Globe to publish a newspaper story before the first scheduled debate Thursday afternoon. He did not promise to give the Globe copies of the returns so that they could be analyzed by outside experts.

Moreover Tisei comes out looking as middle class as he claism.

Anthony Russo, a senior tax director and certified public accountant with the firm BDO United States, reviewed Tisei’s returns for the Globe and said they are typical of recent returns filed by small business owners in Massachusetts, particularly those working in the troubled real estate market.

“They’re pure vanilla,” he said of Tisei’s returns.

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