The unemployed are the people hurt most by the current tax code

…or, Why Republicans Lose Elections.

Mitt Romney is whining about why he is not winning.

The unemployed are the people hurt worst by the current tax code, because it’s inefficiencies, disincentives the growth, favoritism and loopholes have the biggest effect on those on the margin, who would be able to get jobs if capital was deployed properly.

Some of the unemployed don’t feel like working, and are content with the small pleasures they are able to scrounge. Sure those people will vote Democrat. The government waste machine will vote Democrat. This is the Democratic zombie constituency.

But some portion of the 47% understands that they will never live a true middle class life while on government assistance. I’m talking about vacation, good schools, good house, retirement, passing along an inheritance. These people are available to Republicans and will be in the future even if they don’t vote this time if Romney could deliver.

But right now they understand that the Republicans are not focused on policies which will deliver growth and advancement, but are at least partially protecting their own zombie constituencies. Are health insurance companies really the best way to deliver health care? No but that is a Republican constituency.

For our politics to move beyond the current stalemate, we need to stop viewing elections as efforts to claw resources back and forth between the Republican zombies and the Democratic zombies, because the people at the margin who want to work are affected most and hurt the worst.

In Romney’s expression the tax code and government spending are simply redistributive methods. In this view, the policies he is putting forth will just lessen the redistribution but will not make a bigger economy overall.

Most of those on government assistance would like to live a middle class life, the kind that is only truly available to the top 10% of our earning population. Those people should be easy to communicate to. Romney is not doing it with comments like this.

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