On the mend and on the move – Mass loses 4800 jobs in August

Massachusetts anemic jobs recovery continues.  According to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development the Commonwealth lost 4800 jobs in August.

The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development today reported that the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ preliminary August 2012 estimates show that Massachusetts lost 4,800 jobs over the month, for a total of 3,243,200 jobs. The August job loss follows a revised gain of 300 jobs in July.

The total unemployment rate inched up from 6.1 percent in July to 6.3 percent in August. The unemployment rate is down 1.1 percentage points from the August 2011 rate of 7.4 percent. The three-month average seasonally adjusted total unemployment rate was 6.1 percent and the six-month average was 6.2 percent.

Year to date jobs are up 31,400 with private sector jobs up 29,900. Professional, Scientific, and Business Services and Trade, Transportation, and Utilities show the largest gains.

One possible explanation?  Fidelity has been moving forward with relocating jobs out of Massachusetts.  Multiple acquaintances of mine have relocated out of state during August to other states to follow their jobs, including as far away as Texas.

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    From the Boston.com article:

    But last month, job losses rippled throughout the state’s economy — including losses in educational services; construction; leisure and hospitality; retail trade; health care and social assistance, and professional, scientific, and business services. Even the information sector — which includes tech jobs and was long a bright spot for the state’s economy — lost 400 jobs in August.

    Sounds like just abut every sector of our economy!  What else is there?  Oh yeah, state government….

    By contrast, state and federal government agencies added thousands of workers in August, offsetting a small drop in local government employment. Overall, government added 3,400 jobs last month.

    Same old story – government gets bigger and the private sector gets smaller…….