Martinez, candidate for State Senate, reacts to unemployment increase, says new leadership needed

Thursday, September 20, 2012                                   Contact: Tom Firth – 978-828-0877  


Martinez Says New Leadership Needed at State House

Chelmsford, MA – Today Sandi Martinez, Republican candidate for State Senate in the Third Middlesex district, reacted to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report on unemployment reaching 6.3%.

“We are facing tough times in the Commonwealth.  These numbers are very disturbing and the show the great need for new leadership at the State House.  We don’t need a former Cambridge Senator representing us.  We need someone who has spent their life in the private sector,” said Martinez.

There are an estimated 218,000 unemployed individuals and this doesn’t include people who have given up looking for work or the under employed According to the State House News Service reports scientific and business services have lost 1900 jobs, trade, transportation and utilities lost 1400 jobs, financial services lost 300 jobs, construction lost 1400 jobs, and education and health services lost 2600 jobs.  

“We should have added jobs during the month of August due to summer employment opportunities.  Unfortunately we lost a whopping 4800.  Our State Senator must have a plan to grow jobs and stabilize our economy,” said Martinez. “Unfortunately, all you get from my opponent is more of the same.  He has no new ideas on how to create jobs.”

Over the course of the campaign, Martinez has released several proposals to help create a better business climate in the Commonwealth.  On the other hand her opponent has no new ideas listed on his website.

For more information on Sandi’s candidacy, voters can visit her website at or call the HQ at 978-256-5513.


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