Lots of videos on Mormon Transhumanism

This guy speaks really slowly, but he does manage to explain Mormon teaching about the obligation to become Gods and achieve immortality. It’s what his Dad taught him, and what Joseph Smith instructed Mormons to do, so it is really implausible that Mitt Romney and Harry Reid don’t also believe it.

I’m giving the link to YouTube rather than imbedding it so you can see that there are lots of other videos there, including some more official ones from the Mormon Transhumanist Association. Please watch it, it is quite entertaining.


The trouble is, it’s a really bad idea, and our President and Senate shouldn’t be controlled by people who think it is the highest priority to achieve.

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  • Got anything more official?

  • 14.1 million Mormons worldwide….your pathetic group of 229 claimed individuals that make up your favorite nut group makes it 0.00162% of Mormons.  That you

    pass around this nut group as representative of the whole

    would be laughable if it wasn’t based in bigotry.

    Passing around bigorty like you do should be a banning offense.

  • davidhamilton

    I’m the person in the video. I never expected anyone to watch my video. My views are not the views of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, I’m a crazy pagan nut. The MTA allows members who are non-mormon, atheists, etc. I came here to say that I’m not bigoted and I have no problem with GLBT people. I should have made a more professional video and written down what I was thinking before hand but I didn’t expect scrutiny. I want to stress again that I am just some wackjob and I don’t represent the MTA in any way. If you’d like to read more about the MTA you should check out their website. http://transfigurism.org/

    If you have any questions or critiques I’m here for that but I’m not some genius about mormon tranhumanism like Linclon Cannon or Brad Carmack.

  • davidhamilton