In an unintended sideshow, Democrats throw Israel under the bus, throwing Obama off message

Looking back at the GOP convention last week, smug Democrats like David Axelrod pledged that their convention would be a prime example of of party discipline. Little did they know that the platform writers would jolt the proceedings with  foolish planks about God and Jerusalem. The platform debacle highlighted a serious split in the party on a key foreign policy issue.

Writing in Commentary this afternoon, Seth Mandel points out just how easy it has become for the “Democratic Party to ignore Israel than to pronounce support for the Jewish state.”

In fact, not only is the Democratic Party divided on Israel, but as Ari Fleischer pointed out on CNN right after the debacle, the Democrats are practically split down the middle on this. He cited a Gallup poll from earlier this year showing that only 53 percent of Democrats-versus 78 percent of Republicans-side with Israel in the Middle East conflict.

Which leads to a larger point about the issue and the reason the Democrats went into damage control last night: the Democratic Party’s base is pulling it away from Israel. It’s disturbing that only half of Democrats sympathize with Israel, but as yesterday’s events showed, among the base sympathy for Israel is not nearly that high.

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