Got “ROMNEY/RYAN” Yard Signs?

(While I disagree that RTC funds are best spent only as donations to candidates.  See Marlboro RCC, this is a good Idea. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Ok ..let’s talk facts. As much as Republicans (and those who love us) would like to think that Massachusetts should be a battle ground in the Presidential race, history shows that Republican Candidates for President quickly write-off Mass as just too darn blue to WIN!

But what if they are wrong this year?? What if 2012 is the “blue-moon” of presidential politics? We have Senator Scott Brown running a great re-election campaign. We have the MASS Victory offices all over the state contacting voters and working with Republicans in local elections. We have many City and Town Republican Committees better organized than ever before. So, could Romney win Massachusetts?  Could the polls be wrong? I SAY YES !!!! (Or at least a strong MAYBE).  

If every active Town/City Republican Committee or local regional Republican groups were able to get 20, 30 or even 40 Romney/Ryan yard signs planted on the main roads in their community, we could show the voters throughout the State that there is a choice in Massachusetts this year. And don’t forget that a strong win at the top of the ticket for Mitt Romney and Senator Scott Brown would help Republicans in local elections too!  

But there is one problem – there is no free Romney/Ryan yard signs being handed out in our State.  

With no signs it is recommended that groups consider getting them printed locally. The AttleboroGOP leadership has been having signs printed and helping distribute them in our area and to other Committees. The company that we use charges $4.20 (with tax) and another $1.25 for the stand. Total is about $5.50 per sign**. The signs are 16 x 24 white plastic with the metal “H” stand. Turnaround time is typically less than 7 days.  

If your Committee or group would like help with ordering signs or would like us to email you the template we use – please send an email to

Let’s paint the state RED!!!!

**Note – Private donations from the leadership and not the Committee funds are being used for the sign printing. RTC funds are best spent as donations to our Candidates for local office.

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