Globe again front-pages Transgender children

The Globe continues its propaganda campaign for Postgenderism with another front page Bella English story about a camp for Transgendered kids (the last one was about one boy who is being raised as a girl. Expect another one around Thanksgiving.)

Before he found Aranu’tiq, Damien Gabriel, who lives in Florida, had been hospitalized several times for depression. In middle school, a student tried to choke him in the hallway. Once, as he was walking to see a movie, a car swerved at him and passengers screamed: “Faggot!”

“Before camp, I was really shy and not confident,” said Gabriel, 15, who has attended camp all three sessions it has been open. “Now, I feel less alone and way more confident.” He was relaxed and chatty as he described some of the “hilarious” narrow escapes he and his bunkmates have had in gym class and on camping trips, trying to hide their private parts.

Sporting a mohawk tousled on top and a black Antischism T-shirt, Gabriel talked about what camp has meant to him. “Here, I realized there isn’t anything wrong with me and there were people like me,” he said. In fact, transgender topics don’t come up all that often at camp, he said. “It’s like it’s not even there, but if we want to talk, we feel totally safe talking to each other.”

His mother said the camp has changed her son’s life. “It saves kids’ lives,” says Tori Gabriel, who is now on the board of directors of Aranu’tiq. “It’s the one place on this Earth that he can relax and be just like any other kid – to romp and play without judgment or ridicule.”

In fact, she reports, since camp ended in late August, her son has been “Skyping and chatting with his bunkmates nonstop.” Many of the campers remain in close touch and some get together during the school year.

Damien Gabriel, like some of the others, had been on hormone blockers to keep the estrogen at bay and last year started taking testosterone. Two months ago, he had chest surgery to remove breast tissue; he also had a hysterectomy, “which really hurt.”

Wow, that mother should be jailed for allowing her daughter to be sterilized at age 15! It’s bad enough when doctors do it to vulnerable adults, but at least they are adults and unless they are insane (which they kind of are by definition) they can make adult decisions, but for a doctor to give a hysterectomy and remove breast tissue from a 15 year old girl is insane! Whatever happened to diversity, to girls who don’t wear dresses and play with dolls? Apparently now they should be turned into boys, because wombs and breasts are incompatible with the desire to play baseball or climb trees. Is this really happening?

English does report a few revealing scenes, it’s not all a positive glowing report. One camper was apparently anxious about losing fertility, but was assured it won’t matter. That is heartbreaking, but he’s (she?) is only nine so hopefully they haven’t started mutilating his (her?) body yet and there is still hope that this kid can grow up with his parts intact and have children naturally.

Last year, on the first night of camp, a 9-year-old boy was anxious and homesick and asked to see the camp nurse. While he stood in line one day talking with Leslie, who is curvy and blonde, he realized that she was transgender, and had a family.

“Transgender people can adopt?” he asked her.

“When I said yes, I literally watched his color and expression change,” said Leslie. “His face was flooded with relief and he said, ‘We can go back to the cabin now.’ ”

Adoption is supposed to be a way to find homes for kids that have lost their parents through tragedy, it is not a way for people to acquire children for their own pleasure. And that kid will continue to be depressed that he cannot have his own children, we know because of the skyrocketing use of IVF and the desperate attempts of nearly everyone to have their own children before considering donor gametes or adoption.

And that brings us to the $64K question: are kids being led to believe that there might be ways to be fertile as the other sex, using stem cells or DNA laser printers? It is cruel to turn them into guinea pigs and to use them to sway public opinion toward Postgenderism (which is part and parcel of Transhumanism, the idea that we should overcome biological limitations such as death, disease, and sexual reproduction).

Even if it becomes feasible for people to reproduce as the other sex or with someone of the same sex, it would be terribly unethical and be really bad public policy to allow it. It should be prohibited now before more kids are confused and sterilized. The benefits of prohibiting making human beings any way other than joining a man and a woman (and restoring marriage as protecting conception rights) would be felt immediately, not only resolving the marriage debate and all the good that would do, but by kids everywhere who wouldn’t have to suffer this nightmare of postgenderism anymore.

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