For Zazula it all over but the crying

Has a my space he has not used..for awhile…

Here is his favorite book!

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Fugitive Days: A Memoir by William Ayers


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The continuation of humankind and the spread of freedom throughout the world. The spread of cream cheese on the moon. ..Ralph Zazula

He has a link to the RED EYE  (TV show on at 3 a.m. on fox) here is what he says about himself

CraZy is naked, sad and a D*ckhead.

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Who is your favorite on Red Eye? Bill

Who is your favorite guest on Red Eye? Anne Coulter with Marc Lamont Hill

About Me: I also have two eyes (except when reading). I am a classic Liberal, and strong supporter of Gladstone except for when I disagreed with him. Politically, I would have therefore supported Disreali in most matters. I am never middle of the road. I am always naked if you ignore the clothing.…  

Here is who he was supporting for president 11 months ago

Pop Haydn

As you may know, Pop Haydn is running for president of the United States this coming year, as standard bearer for the Greater American Confidence Party. We want to help put confidence back in the national government–professional confidence–not the amateur hour we’ve been getting.

Don’t be disappointed! Vote for someone you know will do exactly what you expect him to do. If you vote for Pop Haydn, you will get the government you deserve.

Find out more about Pop’s campaign and the American Confidence Party here:  American Confidence Party

We are giving away free campaign kits to anyone who signs up for our mailing list:  Pop’s Website !

The kit includes a large campaign button, a campaign poster postcard, and membership card in the American Confidence Party.

Pop Haydn is a full-time professional magician in Los Angeles, and a past Vice-President of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has been named performing “Magician of the Year” at the Magic Castle six times.

Pop has a blog at ..Pop’s Soapbox, and a  new Forum at Pop’s Forum Here he will discuss magic, steampunk, renaissance faire, pirates, art, politics, and all things burlesque, sideshow, circus, carnival, vaudeville and live variety arts.

We also have a new store,  where we sell memorabilia of the Medicine Show, and of Pop Haydn: Pop’s General Merchandise

Does anyone need to know anymore  and this clown was hand picked by a “man” who wants to be a United State Congressmen

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