Five Things you should know today, September 7, 2012

1. Adams beats Vispoli

The consistent conservative Paul Adams beat off his primary opponent Alex Vispoli by a slight margin yesterday.  Out of a total of about 5000 votes cast, Adams won by 91 votes.  Vispoli had run a very negative campaign in the final stretches.  The Vispoli campaign was focused on Adams using his own personal money that all taxes were paid on to campaign.  The money was gifted to him by his family.  OCPF regulations are the only ones in the United States which questioned whether or not the money was his.  

Adams won every town but Andover in this race.  He faces Barry Finegold in November.  

2. Three incumbent Democrats lose

Three incumbent Democratic State Representatives lost last night, Demetrius Atsalis, and Kevin Aguiar who lost by 7 votes.  But, the big shocker of the night wa Diana DiZoglio who unseated seven term representative David Torrisi.  Dizoglio, you may recall, was the former aide to the above mentioned Paul Adams, who was the second person in the Rostrum-gate controversy.  Sources in the Merrimack Valley tell Red Mass Group that it was Torissi that allegedly first named DiZoglio to the local papers in the scandal. File under hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

3. Two write in candidates make the ballot

Two Republican write-in candidates have made the ballot with strong showings.  They include Burlington Selectman Walter T. Zenkin who garnered over 600 write-ins.  Zenkin is a Burlington selectman and his district includes Burlington, Bedford, and one precinct in Wilmington.  

Bill Callahan, who was on active duty when signatures were due, garnered over 700 voted in his write-in campaign in Natick, Sherborn, and Millis.

4. Tierney wins second GOP Primary, Bielat Crushes, Golnik Cruises, and Selvaggi wins

Tom Tierney, the perennial gadfly – who has been saying since 2000 he will save social security – won his second Republican primary last night.  In sa race marred by low spending Tierney’s name recognition as a perennial candidate, and sign plastering campaign won him his second GOP primary.  He won his first primary against Ilana Freeman in the mid 2000s.

Sean Bielat cruised to a victory with over 70% of the vote.  Jon Golnik won by a 2:1 margin.  Joe Selvaggi beat Matt Temperley.

The Sheldon – Chaparales race remains too close to call with one precinct still left to report and Chaparales holding on to a less than 200 vote lead out of close to 22,000 votes cast according to the Associated Press/

5. Eustis wins three way primary

In the race Red Mass Group was most closely watching, Richard Eustis a Medway Attorney beat longtime party activist Richard Jewell and former Brad Jones aide C. Stolle Singleton for the party nomination.  Jones was solidly behind the candidacy of Singleton, while the conservative wing of the party was behind and worked to elect Richard Eustis.  It was a great night for the conservatives in our party.

Full Disclosure: I provided direct mail services to Alan Silvia who beat Aguiar, Richard Eustis, Bill Calahan, Walter Zenkin, Jon Golnik, and Paul Adams who are mentioned in today’s five things.

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