Five Things you should know today, September 6, 2012

1. Elizabeth Warren’s Speech

Well that was remarkedly a better reception by the DNC delegates than God got.

2. John Walsh vows to continue to say Brown hurts women

This is really rich.  John Walsh, the leader of the party which gave us Jimmy Marzilli, Ted Kennedy, and Carlos Henriquez has the gall to say Scott Brown hurts women.

If I say something I’m not supposed to say, I would be a hindrance – but I’m going to try not to do that,” Walsh said, adding he will continue to criticize Brown’s record and explain how it hurts women.

He also said the dig on Brown wasn’t part of a larger state party strategy that would target pieces of Brown’s regular-guy image before it becomes iconic, like his classic pickup.

And how might you continue to do that, John?

Maybe send a mailer with a bunch of women on it saying Scott Brown wants them to be raped, oh wait you already did that.  

What a tool.

3. Zenkin and Callahan write ins today

There are two great GOP candidates running on stickers/write in that can use your help.  The first is Walter Zenkin who is running for Charley Murphy’s old seat.  If you live in Burlington, Bedford, or Precinct 3 in Wlimington, write him in.

The second write in is Bill Callahan in Natick, Sherborn and Millis.  If you live in one of those towns write in William Callahan.  You’ll be glad you did.

4. Warren won’t meet with Native conventioneers

Elizabeth Warren, still, refuses to meet with the ones she’s hurt the most, through her false claims of native ancestery, American Indians.  So says the Boston Herald

Native American Democrats who hoped to meet with Democratic U.S. Senate challenger Elizabeth Warren got the brush-off yesterday, depriving them of a chance to ask about her claims of Cherokee ancestry.

“I would like to have confronted her why she used the Cherokee affiliation even though she’s not an enrolled member,” said Harlyn Geronimo, great grandson of the legendary Apache warrior. He and others here for the convention told the Herald this week they wanted Warren to come to their caucus meeting yesterday. Warren ignored Herald questions about it. Several disappointed Indian delegates and attendees said they wanted to hear why she listed herself as a minority in law school directories based on “stories” from her family of a great-great-great-grandmother who was Cherokee – which if true would make her 1⁄32 Native American.

5. Your Predictions

What are your predictions for how the primary is going to pan out? Here are mine:


3rd – Golnik

4th – Bielat

5th – Semon

8th – Selvaggi

9th – Sheldon

State Representative – Just listing winners




Webster fends off write-in challenge


State Senate




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  • Karen Barry of Duxbury is running a bold write-in campaign against the battered and bruised Rep. Dan Webster.  Sticker campaigns are uphill battles, but I think Karen just might get it done.  

  • gary

    “The system is rigged,” Ms. Warren said. “Oil companies guzzle down billions in subsidies….

    She added, “Anyone have a problem with that? Well, I do.”

    She has a problem with oil receiving subsidies, but not so much about the $16 Billion subsidy given to GM. Difference?

    Her speech was a rehash of every speech she’s given.  I would have thought she’d try to mix in some new stuff.  The lady loves to beat up the middle class:  middle class has been hammered, pummeled, beat up, beat down, mauled, rocked, pulerized, voucherized, vaporized…

  • There needs to be a warning on the Warren video. I figured I would watch during lunch (yes, a smart person would have not needed a warning). Warren is summed up in one word: Hypocrisy.

    Howes vs. Martinez should be interesting. Howes sent out a great direct mail piece. One side was the Buckley quote: “We must nominate the most electable conservative.”. And on the other side, it is a picture of the ball going through Buckner’s legs, and says We have a great opportunity in November. We can’t let it slip away. It also lists Martinez’ performance in the last three general elections. Howes is a solid fiscal conservative who can win. Given the slim numbers of Republicans, the best candidate has trouble winning these kinds of elections.

    Also of note were the number of down ballot offices with no candidate (like Middlesex County Sheriff). Is there a reason we have a state party??

  • MerrimackMan


    3rd – Golnik

    4th – Bielat

    5th – Semon

    8th – Selvaggi

    9th – Sheldon

    Governor’s Council:

    8th- Franco (Rooting for Case)

    State Senate:

    1E – Toohey

    2E&M- Adams

    3M – Martinez (Really rooting for the upset tho)

    State Representative:

    2E- Cronin

    2H- Angelides

    36M- Richardson

    10N- Eustis

    6P- Barry pulls it off

    2W- Bastien

    Callahan and Zenkin make the ballot



    The last 3 speakers were quite the lineup.  Costco founder, Warren, then Clinton.  It makes one wonder where Brown and Bush were during the RNC.