Five Things you should know today, September 28, 2012

1. Why the local media blackout on Warren’s illegal practice of law

The blogosphere, talk radio, Boston Public Radio, national news websites, and even cable news outlets have covered the fact that Elizabeth Warren is not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.  Why haven’t the local news outlets covered this story.

This story is more damaging to Elizabeth Warren than anything else. It goes to the core of who she claims to be, that is an ethical lawyer.  She’s not.  She’s a lawyer practicing illegally in the Commonwelath of Massachusetts. That is a misdemeanor that would land an ordinary person in jail.

Note: did a story that mentioned the controversy

It is time for the media to take notice.

2. Jones Patrick-Care the website!

Governor Patrick has launched a website to explain to his subjects the ins and outs of his, and Brad Jones’, job killing new health care price controls.  Go Local Worcester has the story.

The Patrick administration today launched a new website designed to help consumers and stakeholders better understand and cope with the content and consequences of the new health care bill passed in August. The law was passed with the goal of lowering costs for families and businesses across the Commonwealth

The website will be a clearinghouse for information about efforts to control health care costs, creating a transparent home for updates on progress, notices of upcoming events, and other information important to consumers throughout the state.

Oh happy day!  The ministry of propaganda is deceiving the rubes on “cost-containment”.  But not telling them that the cost-containment will come with a steep price, dwindling quality of care, and lay offs of their neighbors.

3. Rob Eno in Go Local Worcester

Today’s column in up over at Go Local Worcester.

Grammy Award winning artist Lauryn Hill has said, “Reality is easy. It’s deception that’s the hard work.” That is most often true. Elizabeth Warren has been hard at work. Warren, now a candidate for the Senate against Scott Brown, has consistently said one thing publicly while quietly doing something completely different in private.

4. Mass Dem Party Chair admits to meeting with L’Italien on state time

Mass Fiscal Alliance has launched an ethics complaint into Barbara L’Italien’s improper use of state resources to campaign.  Mostly her work day, and her time that was paid for by the tax-payers of the Commonwealth.  The Eagle Tribune has the story.

The complaints, sent earlier this month by the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, accuse L’Italien, an Andover Democrat running for the 18th Essex state House seat, said that a September 2011 lunchtime meeting L’Italien had with John Walsh, chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, was an inappropriate political meeting under state law.

Those complaints come on the heels of a complaint by the state Democratic Party that the Mass. Fiscal Alliance printed and distributed brochures advocating for a state senate candidate.

“The one with John Walsh, it doesn’t get much more political than that,” said Paul D. Craney, executive director of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

L’Italien and Walsh have been friends for eight years, she said, and they spent the lunch catching up.

Catching up.  Yeah I can see how that went.

Walsh: Hey that Jim Lyons is a real pain in the tookas.

L’Italien: Yes he’s downright evil.

Walsh: Hey why don’t you run against him for your old seat.

L’Italien: For old time’s sake.

Walsh: Hey I’ll even come knock on doors for you like we did with your Kid in Derry, NH in 2004.

L’Italien: SWEET!

5. Herald want’s your questions for Monday’s debate

Go the the Boston Herald website and let them know.

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