Five Things you should know today, September 27, 2012

1. Our long national nightmare is over – NFL reaches deal with officials

Have you been upset at sub-par professional football? Well I have.  Well fret no more.  Professional football will return to its glory, reportedly starting tonight when the real officials return to the game.

2. Gaming Commissioners Vegas-Asia junket

The Boston Herald is reporting that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has a big time multinational junket planned.

Three state gaming commissioners are off to Las Vegas on an estimated $10,000 junket where they’ll rub elbows with some of the top gambling industry titans now vying to build casinos in the Bay State – a trip to be followed by a trans-Pacific jaunt to Singapore and Macau.

Officials from MGM Casinos and Caesar’s Entertainment Inc. – both of which are planning Massachusetts gaming palaces – sit on the board of the Global Gaming Expo, a five-day extravaganza at the luxurious Sands Expo & Convention Center in Sin City. Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby and two other commissioners are headed to the conference Sunday and will be staying at the Sands.

The estimated $10,000 cost of the Vegas trip is being paid by the commission, which is funded by licensing fees paid by gaming developers.

Have they never heard of GoToMeeting?  It even has HD Faces now!

On another note, how pissed is Carl Stanley McGee.  Think of all the fun he could have on a side trip to the steamrooms of Thailand.  

3. Twila Barnes says Cherokee Chief made mistake in only attacking Brown

Twila Barnes has written a blog post saying both Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren should be condemned or neither should be for their staff and their own recent behavior.  Here’s the post:

Today, following in the footsteps of my great great great grandpa, David Tadpole, I, too, must do what I feel is right and take a different side than my chief, Bill John Baker. I do not support or agree with the statement he released today. My opinion is that he should have requested apologies from both campaigns, Warren’s and Brown’s, for their offensive behaviors or he should have not requested an apology at all.

Because Chief Baker was a Democratic National Delegate this year, I believe his statement was politically motivated and meant to give the Democratic candidate, Elizabeth Warren, a boost.  But what Elizabeth Warren has done is much worse, in my humble opinion, than any tomahawk chop Brown’s people have done. By taking a Cherokee identity she has no right to, she has committed an act of colonization. She has usurped Indigenous identity, just as her ancestors stole the land and resources. It’s a hostile act of genocide and it is not okay. But Baker is willing to overlook that.

4. Scott Brown Gets Metropolitan Police Endorsement

Scott Brown yesterday unveiled the endorsement of a coalition of Metropolitan Boston police patrolman’s unions.  Teh endorsement was of the Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalitions which represents more than 1500 police officers in communities around greater Boston.  

The Communities include Arlington Patrolmen and Ranking officers, Belmont, Burlington, Cambridge, Framingham, Hanover, Lawrence Superior Officers, Lexington, Malden, Medfore, Natick, Needham, Netwon, Quincy, Somerville, Watertown, Wayland, Westport and Weston.

5. Warren wants you to snitch

I’ve said all along that the People’s Pledge had a loophole that you could drive a truck through.  And the unions have already geared up that truck.  Going door to door to attack Scott Brown.  Well know apparently Grover Norquist and Crossroads GPS have joined in, and that apparently grinds Warren’s gears, as Peter Griffin would say.  

So what does she want you to do about it?  Snitch.  That’s right, go here and report the mail and autocalls.  Lets give her a hand and give her the ones from the left as well.

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