Five things you should know today, September 24, 2012

1. Elizabeth Warren appears with State Rep who allegedly choked a woman earlier this year

At the end of a story in yesterday’s Boston Sunday Herald, almost as a throwaway line, it was reported that Carlos Henriquez appeared at a campaign office opening with Elizabeth Warren on Saturday.  

Warren, flanked by City Councilors Tito Jackson, Ayanna Pressley and Charles Yancey, and Suffolk Sheriff Andrea Cabral and state Rep. Carlos Henriquez, defended her work in the asbestos case as an effort to get $500,000 more in payments for victims.

You may recall that Henriquez is alleged to have, among other things, choked his girfriend.

Ms. Gonzalves stated that the suspect (Henriquez) told her that he wanted to talk about their friendship. Ms. Gonzalves also informed Officer Kamel that the suspect (Henriquez) who was operating a grey Zip Car possibly a Toyota had kept Ms. Gonzalves against her will in the Zip Car while driving around in downtown Boston, Starbow Drive and the freeway refusing to stop. Ms. Gonzalves continued and stated that Mr. Henriquez had yelled at her in previous incidences. Ms. Gonzalves further stated that Mr. Henriquez had punched her with a closed fist repeatedly and strangled her while she was in the motor vehicle.

Ms. Gonzalves stated that every time she attempted to jump out of the car the suspect (Henriquez) grabbed her wrists to prevent her from jumping out of the motor vehicle. Ms. Gonzalves also stated that she had to jump but from the moving motor vehicle and ran to a building where she spoke with North Eastern Police Sgt. Boyd locate at about 21 Forsyth St. Soon responding Boston Police Officers did observe scuffs on Ms. Gonzalves right shin and multiple bruises on her arms and wrists. Ms. Gonzalves refused further medical attention at the time. Gonzalves realized that she left her right sandal behind as she jumped out of the MV.

I wonder what Warren has to say about this rep’s alleged war on particular women.

2. Golnik Internal Poll reportedly has him within 7 points

According to the Golnik Campaign their internal polling shows that they are within 7 points of Niki Tsongas.  The poll was performed by Stinson Strategies, LLC. The Lowell Sun has the story.

Carlisle Republican Jon Golnik and his campaign are touting a new internal poll showing him within single digits of his Democratic opponent in the 3rd Congressional District, U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas of Lowell.

The Tsongas campaign is calling the poll “a joke” and dismissing its findings.

Tsongas bested Golnik in the 2010 general election, 55 to 42 percent, in what was then the 5th Congressional District.

But according to Golnik’s new internal poll, released exclusively to The Sun, Tsongas leads Golnik 52 to 45 percent among likely voters in the new 3rd Congressional District, which includes many Greater Lowell communities and much of North Central Massachusetts. Three percent of respondents were undecided.

This may help boost Golnik’s fundraising.

3. Denise Andrews will be at a Route 2 Task Force Meeting on Wednesday – Maybe the press can get answers

Denise “my opponent buys cocaine” Andrews will be at a Route 2 Task Force meeting at the Erving Town Hall on Wednesday night.  What a great time for the press to show up and ask questions.  Like, “who is your phantom source Rep. Andrews?”

Meeting Notice Route 2 Task Force

Wednesday September 26, 2012 6:00 p.m.

Erving Town Hall

4. New Scott Brown Ad goes after Native Claims

The Brown Campaign has released a new television advertisement  going after Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Native heritage.  The ad ends with a very good question… Will anything else be coming out on this?  Which was asked by Sharman Sachetti.  Warren laughs off the question…

Something tells me the Brown Campaign wouldn’t run this ad, unless in fact something else was going to come out on this, and big…

I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned.

5. Patrick Joins Warren (Setti) to kick off Re-election campaign

According to State House News Service, Deval Patrick headlines a fundraiser for Setti Warren’s mayoral kickoff tonight in Newton.

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