Fast & Furious Probe: Holder knew nothing, but Bush on the other hand…

Operations Fast & Furious, which allowed thousands of guns to be placed intentionally into the hands of drug lords and violent gangs in Mexico wasn’t the fault of Eric Holder, who heads the Justice Department.  File this report under ‘Nothing to see here folks’.  

Reuters is reporting here that after an extensive investigation by the Justice Department’s ‘internal‘ watchdog group…..wait for it…..wait for it… it comes…..The Justice department head Eric Holder knew nothing about it and is not at fault…..   Surprise!  I know you are all blown away by that announcement…So take a minute to recover…. and then read on…

In fact, the report names George W Bush in the investigation in this quote:

Breuer, an Obama appointee and the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, is cited in the report for not alerting his superiors in 2010 to flaws in a program similar to Operation Fast and Furious that was started during George W. Bush’s presidency.

Now mind you George W Bush had nothing to do with Fast & Furious, and the report doesn’t say that, but the report DOES say that the program is ‘similar’ to one started under George W Bush.  Think about that for a moment.  Why mention Bush?  They mention him only because the Obama program Fast & Furious is similar to one started by Bush.  EXCEPT, the one started by Bush worked, and Fast & Furious was a horrific failure on countless levels.

They intentionally stated Bush’s name, and in the manner they did, so people would walk away thinking Bush did this somehow….  That is pure evil.  

Is anyone surprised by this finding?  Eric Holder requests an investigation by an internal source and it ends with the decision that Eric Holder is not culpable.  Gee, I am so surprised you could knock me over with a feather….

The legacy of Fast & Furious will not be seen for years to come.  But it boils down to one thing:  Barack Obama’s appointed Justice Department head allowed thousands of guns to be moved to violent Mexican drug gangs and criminals who ended up using them to kill an American Border Agent.  That is as simple as it gets folks.  Holder was in charge and his people sold guns to criminals.  They can mention Bush all they want and it does not change the facts.

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