Ex-Gitmo detainee involved in planned attack on Libyan Consulate.

Obama’s foreign policy polls have been a bit week lately and they are about to get a lot weaker given the new reports that show that the attack was planned and an ex-detainee of Gitmo was involved.  Obama won the presidency in 2008 based very much on his promise to close Gitmo, the Cuba based prison where people with terrorist ties are held.  

In 2007 a number of detainees were released, as was Obama’s hope, and one of them has now orchestrated a planned terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Libya.  What does this say about the Democrat philosophy?  What does it say when the Obama administration was warned 3 days in advance about the attack and no increase in security was arranged?  What does it say about an administration that worked with the idea that terrorism should be treated like law enforcement issue and not a national/homeland security issue?  

Obama is failing on the domestic economic front and he is failing on the foreign policy front.  He has promoted unamerican values with his social policy front.  So what is left?  Are we going to re elect him because he is a family guy?  Are we going to re eelct him because his wife has tomed upper arms?  Are we going to re elect him because his kids are cute?  Let’s get rid of this bum and get someone in the White House that knows what the heck to do….

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