Did Elizabeth Warren lie on the radio regarding her “inactive law license” in New Jersey

On Monday, Elizabeth Warren told WTKK’s Eagan and Braude that her law license has been “inactive for many years” in New Jersey.  There’s one problem.  New Jersey has no inactive law license status (NJ Judiciary FAQ Section).

2. I don’t practice law in New Jersey and I don’t want to pay the fees. I want to be placed in inactive status. What are my options?

(back to top) There is no “inactive status” in New Jersey. Your options are as follows:

if you meet the standards on the bottom reverse side of the billing form, you can claim an exemption from payment by completing the certification (without alteration or qualification) for (i) Armed Forces, AmeriCorps, or Peace Corps or (ii) Retired completely from the practice of law;

if you are not exempt and do not pay the required fees, you will be declared ineligible and not in good standing in New Jersey; or

you may formally resign from the New Jersey Bar as noted in the answer to Question 3 below.

Someone in the press should ask Elizabeth Warren to clarify her statement, that she’s had a law license status that does not exist in New Jersey.

Or perhaps, just maybe, she chose the last option above, to resign to avoid the fact that she hasn’t been paying her fees, and faced disciplinary action.

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