Dem Chair Walsh loses it: Calls Brown “honorary girl” then apologizes

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Has it come to this? Name-calling from the party of the high-minded? With their candidate for U.S. Senate floundering and failing to gain any kind of meaningful traction on the huge head start she enjoys, the Democrats are reduced to calling U.S. Senator Scott Brown an “honorary girl”.

Imagine if a Massachusetts Republican pronounced his or her opposition in a similar sexist fashion. The press would be outraged.

Walsh, who six hours after making his initial comment back-peddled and apologized, believes that Brown is running a campaign based on images. (Now that’s rich for the affirmative action party that cleared the way for a flawed candidate like Elizabeth Warren.) But the more the Democrats attack the more Brown holds steady in the likeability quotient.

Brown spokeswoman Alleigh Marre said Walsh’s comments were a sign of desperation.

“When a candidate starts to fall behind in the polls is when they resort to name-calling and personal insults,” Marre said. “Scott Brown is pro-choice and wants all women to have good jobs with equal pay. Elizabeth Warren should be ashamed of herself for these negative attacks.”

Walsh issued his apology about six hours later, shortly after the Brown campaign issued a second statement from the leader of the Women for Brown coalition.

Chairwoman Angela Davis connected the Walsh statement with one Warren made in a column published in the Boston Sunday Globe.

In that piece, Warren said that, unlike Brown, she feels embarrassed to to run ads focused on her personal life, adding, “You probably won’t see me folding laundry.”

Davis said: “It seems Professor Warren and her spokesman can’t decide if they are just too good to fold laundry, or if household chores are suitable only for women. Professor Warren should apologize for her own elitist remark, and denounce her spokesman’s insulting comments suggesting folding laundry is a ‘girl’s’ job.”

Life is hard when you are chairman of the Democratic party in the bluest of bluest one-party states and you are saddled with a mediocre candidate who won’t be caught folding laundry.  

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  • What does it take for MCFL to rescind their endorsement?

  • Publius Menpaean

    Given the speed John Walsh folded, I’d say he’s an expert in the craft. What does that make him?

  • Karl Marx

    And over at mediate. h/t Instapundit

  • geo999

    The lead kook at the other sandbox has declared this story officially over, nothing to see here folks.

    One of the minor kooks has actually stated that the ad somehow reveals Sen. Brown’s true core belief that “women should be the ones doing the household chores”.

    I’m sure that, given enough time, the more clever ones among them will find a way to spin the Brown ads as being laden with super secret dog whistle racist code words and imagery, as well.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    It reminds me of last week when Bob Neer made fun of cross dressers in an effort to poke fun at our next VP.  Great read if you read between the lines =>

    I don’t know what’s dumber, insulting half the bloggers on BlueMassGroup and 1/3 of its editors, or leaving tangible proof that Mrs. Neer did a lousy job raising Bob.  : )

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Honorary girl? Sure by MassMarrier

    Honorary girl, eh? I’ve been called that and don’t mind at all.

    Over at little-brain sites, like the Boston Herald and RedMassGroup, they’re trying to inflate MA Dem party chair John Walsh’s jibe at Scott Brown. Then again, that is what they do most often, attach a winger pump to even the tiniest lefty balloon. (You might also look for Howie Carr’s puerile go at this, but it’s just one cheap-shot fat joke.)

    Walsh is as funny as he is smart…


    Well you heard it from MassMarrier … “Walsh is as funny as he is smart” and “Honorary girl, eh? I’ve been called that and don’t mind at all …”

  • Why does John Walsh feel a need to apologize for calling the Senator an Honorary Girl?

    In reality, it’s a compliment that few men deserve.

    Is this what the Mass Dems secretly think of their ‘client voters’?  The interest groups that they have ‘locked up’?  That to infer that even an enemy is a member of the subjugated class is an insult to the honor of that enemy?

    Perhaps women need to begin to call John Walsh an Honorary Eunuch.