Defend the record

Big deal, Brown’s staff make a stupid chop that gets caught on tape. Apologize, and move on,  and tell the staff morons to act like the professionals they’re paid to act like.

Brown says Warren doesn’t look indian.  Irony that Warren claims she is of Indian descent because, note her high cheek bones.  I’d call that a tie … and move on.

But his record?  You know where Elizabeth Warren’s attacks will come from:

EW:  Brown voted against the Middle Class tax cut.

Brown:  Professor, just to be clear, what I voted against was Senate Amendment 2573, which should be named the Class Warfare at the Expense of Social Security amendment.  It would have temporarily lowered the social security tax rate 3.1% – and Seniors take note: Is this a sound plan to shore up Social Security?  I don’t think this is good policy nor a good bill.

You see that I did vote for Senate bill 3412, which would have extended tax rates for lower- and middle-income persons, would increase tax rates on higher-income persons, and would patch the burdensome alternative minimum tax for this year.

I would be interested if you, Professor Warren would have supported senate bill 3412.  Let’s be honest, these bills were political theater-neither was signed into law.  We need some cooperation and dialogue across the aisle to come up with thoughtful legislation to reform the Tax Code and stimulate the economy, not more of your slogans and these staged bills to nowhere.

EW:  Brown voted against equal pay for women.

SB:  Professor Warren, again with the cute slogans and sound bites.  What I voted against was Senate bill 3220 and here’s why: This bill would have encouraged class-action lawsuits one-size-fits-all compensation small, medium and large companies. It should be called the Personal Injury Lawyer Stimulus Bill because trial lawyers would have been the only real beneficiaries.  Women who want more job opportunities should welcome the bill’s defeat.

Note sure if those 2 scenarios are his views or not but if he can’t defend his votes, he shouldn’t be re-elected.

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