Campaign’s Faux Flag Imagery Compliments Obama’s Faux Leadership

President Barack Obama‘s campaign has quietly dropped the faux flag posters it was shilling to The One’s stary-eyed disciples at $35 apiece. The action was taken after a fierce backlash erupted once the poster’s existence became known. For some people, replacing the 50 stars with Obama’s iconic campaign logo was distasteful at best & offensive at worst.

As Kyle Becker of the Independent Journal Review opined:

The imagery is offensive and displays either the slavish mentality of the president’s followers or the twisted, egomaniacal mentality of the man himself.

For other people, the red “stripes” resembled the bloody finger marks found on the walls of the American embassy at Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans (including Ambassador Chris Stevens) were brutally murdered by Islamofascists.

While some Libyans took to the streets to express their outrage over the death of Stevens – viewed by many of them as a hero for his efforts in fostering democracy in their country – Obama was too busy attending one fundraiser after the other to bother doing anything significant on the Benghazi debacle other than expressing the usual boilerplate about bringing Stevens’ killers to justice. Cue applause. It’ll drown out uber liberal Noam Chomsky who views Obama as a murderer:

If (George W) Bush, the Bush administration, didn’t like somebody, they’d kidnap them and send them to torture chambers. If the Obama administration decides they don’t like somebody, they murder them, so you don’t have to have torture chambers all over.

Think about this for a moment: A public servant like Stevens – whose body of work reflects American idealism at its finest – should be the object of conservative AND liberal outrage over what happened to him. Yet… crickets. Obama could have used this incident to highlight the sacrifices made by Stevens to foster a better world. But he probably feared any more attention to the situation would have revealed deficiencies in his Mideast foreign policy – let alone his foreign policy as a whole.

But Obama is a man of The New Left & thus one shouldn’t be surprised at his cavalier attitude towards a public servant whose contributions would have been recognized, celebrated, & avenged (as such) by The Old Left. This is a point I myself have driven home to my Democrat friends: the New Left leaders of your party are going to use you & toss you aside when they’re through with you. Lowell Sun columnist Peter Lucas recently articulated that sentiment when he mourned the shabby treatment former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi has received while in prison:

Forgotten was all the good DiMasi did during his long legislative career, from helping the needy to paving the way for same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. He was solid as a rock when it came to promoting compassionate and liberal causes.

The liberals loved him. But when he hit bottom and was sent to prison and got sick, they shunned him as though he never even existed.

Beyonce’ may have been flattered by Obama’s attentions when they met at one of his fundraisers. But she should remember that he gazes deep into her eyes in order to see his own reflection staring back at him. Other entertainment liberals are no longer amused by The One but they’ll probably fall in line, salute the faux flag of their faux leader, & whistle to themselves not “Hail To The Chief”, but something like The Rolling Stones‘ classic tune of self-debasement, “Cocksucker Blues”.

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