Breaking: Dan Webster withdraws from 6th Plymouth race MassGOP Executive Committee to fill vacancy

Red Mass Group has confirmed that State Representative Daniel Webster of Pembroke has withdrawn from running to retain his seat.  He filed his intention to withdraw with the Secretary of State earlier today.  

Because of the change in primary date this year, and the legislature overlooking the changing of other related dates with it, for this year only, the MassGOP is allowed to replace Representative Webster on the ballot.  There will not be caucuses.

Sources close to MassGOP Chairman Bob Maginn have confirmed to Red Mass Group that the issue will be taken up at an already scheduled Executive Board meeting this evening.  The position on the ballot should be filled by early evening.  

Karen Barry of Duxbury, fell short in a write-in campaign last Thursday, and is expected to be the nominee.  

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  • What happened?

  • wavey

    -law license suspended for lack of cooperation with the Board of Bar Overseers

    -defaulting on lawsuit against him brought by Rockland Trust

    -OCPF sanctions for faulty record keeping

    If he’d been a good soldier, he’d have stepped aside for Ms. Barry.

    But he seems to have chosen the worst possible way to leave.

  • The Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Republican Party unanimously voted to replace Rep. Webster with Karen Barry.  Barry had unsuccessfully, but very strongly, ran against Webster as a write-in candidate during the primary this past Thursday.

  • A breaking story for sure, but too much is left unsaid in this post.  The reader would greatly benefit from a brief background paragraph, even if it reflected poorly on our party or officials.

  • Was there some benefit to doing this after the primary?

  • This is good news for the district.  Karen Barry has been working for state and local candidates for the past ten years.  She has revitalized the Plymouth County GOP organization.  She’s a long-time resident of the district who knows the needs of the people who live and work there.  She came perilously close to knocking off a 10 year incumbent with a write-in campaign, a testament to her skill as a campaigner.  

    Rep. Webster must have seen, belatedly, the writing on the wall.  He could not win in November.

  • IA Statement from State Representative Daniel Webster

    September 10th, 2012 – 6:57pm

    For the past 16 years I have served in elected office, first as a Hanson Selectman and the past decade as State Representative.

    I am proud of the work I have done on matters like pension reform, EBT card changes, education funding and money to build district schools.

    I am proud to say that I have carried the issues of the people I have represented with passion and persistence. I have been a staunch supporter of nurses and of public safety, and most of all the hard-working taxpayers and small business owners that fuel our local economy.

    I am humbled by the continuous support I have received from the people of Hanson, Duxbury, Pembroke and Halifax. Last week, this district voted once again to bestow upon me the Republican nomination so I can continue to fight for the people and issues we care about.

    Today, I submitted the required paperwork to withdraw my name from nomination for re-election.

    I cannot continue to serve as a full-time legislator while tending to the needs of my family and my business.

    This was a very difficult decision because I have tremendous affection and concern for the people of this district. While I believe I have served them honorably and well, I must focus now on those things most important in my life, my family and the business which supports those I love.

    I have been honored to receive countless volunteer hours, funds and votes over these past 16 years. Helping thousands of people has been the most gratifying – and a desire to help people is why I originally chose to serve.

    As I focus on those closest to me, I look forward to the time when my personal commitments afford me the time and energy to re-engage in the public discourse as fully as I have these past many years.

    For now, I will serve out this term and pass the Republican nomination to primary runner-up Karen Barry, who will honorably represent this district as both a strong, principled conservative, but also as a compassionate and vigorous advocate. She is the kind of honorable and dedicated person this district deserves.

    I have been humbled and honored time and again these past 16 years. In January, I will leave behind my time as an advocate for my constituents so I can spend more time being an advocate for my clients and my family.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

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  • It was rather cool to have a guy named Dan Webster in the delegation. But if what has been said here is true he obviously makes Todd Akin look like George Washington.

    Edward Wagner