Bielat POUNDS Joke3 in only televised (mini) debate

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The only televised debate that Joe Kennedy 3 would agree to, and allowing for commercials its MAYBE something like 20 minutes long.  And of the 20 minutes, about 5 of those minutes is Joke3 going ahh-umm-ahh-AHEM-humm-ahh.

Most Bielat supporters realize that Sean is well spoken, loaded with great experience, and whip smart, but I don’t think anyone really realized just how much of a bumbling idiot Joe Kennedy 3 is.  You could literally see him struggling to think of the talking points that his campaign must have prepared for him, finding one, rushing through it, then ahh umm ahh again.  I mean, what a contrast.

Joe Kennedy 3 is the very definition of an empty suit.  JOKE3, indeed.

One can now understand why the Kennedy campaign only agreed to a single, 20 minute TV debate, and 2 radio debates.  And why he normally says everything he “says” through a spokesman.  That’s what you have to do when you are running a silly figurehead whose “campaign” consists of celebrity-style handshaking all over the place for just a few minutes at a time.  Easy to remember your talking points when you spend 5 minutes at your campaign stops.  Just enough to gin up some fawning boy-band love from the crowd, and move on.

I view this race as a great experiment:  can you put up a brainless bumbler like Kennedy and still win, with a name and a few million dollars?  If so, the JOKE will be on us, for sure.


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  • Are you sure it wasn’t hammered?

  • edfactor

    (Full Disclosure: I am a supporter who has given the campaign ~$200, but the Bielat campaign hates it when I don’t clap like a trained seal for every thing they do. I don’t care.)

    So this is the “televised” debate, eh? What a damned joke. So, a television network with low ratings runs 20 minutes of television early on a sunday (11 a.m.) when no one is watching and then won’t make the video available to the public. We only get a 2-minute excerpt on the station’s YouTube feed. Outrageous! How could that have happened that the actual debate isn’t available to the public? How many people in the district saw this debate? 0.001% ? They must be laughing at the Kennedy headquarters.

    I am sure the other two “debates” will not be accessible or newsworthy either. The three debates are designed to be invisible so Kennedy can pretend that debates happened while he cruises to a victory he doesn’t deserve.

    I understand that Kennedy had the leverage on debates as he didn’t need them, but Bielat had the leverage that the public wants some debates. I would have held out for one debate with a good format and that would be live. Or I would have said “no debates at all” and let the public wonder why there are no debates.

    Because what we have now are three debates that aren’t really debates and Sean will get nowhere with them, even though he is a fantastic, intelligent, well-informed candidate and his opponent can’t depart from talking points he has been force-fed.

    I guess the Bielat campaign will have to come up with some other way to break this race open. They might be able to do so, as they have done a lot of good work lately. But the “debates”? They won’t change anything.

  •    Kennedy won. And I hate democRATS. All of his pauses consumed time that kept Bielat from speaking.

      Brainless bumbler? Not exactly.