Bielat POUNDS Joke3 in only televised (mini) debate

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)


The only televised debate that Joe Kennedy 3 would agree to, and allowing for commercials its MAYBE something like 20 minutes long.  And of the 20 minutes, about 5 of those minutes is Joke3 going ahh-umm-ahh-AHEM-humm-ahh.

Most Bielat supporters realize that Sean is well spoken, loaded with great experience, and whip smart, but I don’t think anyone really realized just how much of a bumbling idiot Joe Kennedy 3 is.  You could literally see him struggling to think of the talking points that his campaign must have prepared for him, finding one, rushing through it, then ahh umm ahh again.  I mean, what a contrast.

Joe Kennedy 3 is the very definition of an empty suit.  JOKE3, indeed.

One can now understand why the Kennedy campaign only agreed to a single, 20 minute TV debate, and 2 radio debates.  And why he normally says everything he “says” through a spokesman.  That’s what you have to do when you are running a silly figurehead whose “campaign” consists of celebrity-style handshaking all over the place for just a few minutes at a time.  Easy to remember your talking points when you spend 5 minutes at your campaign stops.  Just enough to gin up some fawning boy-band love from the crowd, and move on.

I view this race as a great experiment:  can you put up a brainless bumbler like Kennedy and still win, with a name and a few million dollars?  If so, the JOKE will be on us, for sure.


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