Will MassDems give back convicted inside trader’s money?

George Soros, already funds ProgressMass – the Colorado Astroturf outfit that beats up on Scott Brown daily, Demos – the “non-profit” run by Elizabeth Warren’s daughter that “wink-wink” “sued” Massachusetts to force a taxpayer-funded GOTV mailer, and various other left wing groups attacking Scott Brown Daily.  Now it appears that he is also funding the Massachusetts Democratic Party.  According to today’s deposit report filed with OCPF Soros has donated $5,000 to the Massachusetts Democratic Party State Account.

Soros you may recall is a convicted inside trader.  Aren’t financial crimes the very thing Elizabeth Warren is supposed to be fighting against?  Shouldn’t the Massachusetts Democratic Party immediately return a convicted inside trader’s donation?

They won’t because you see, Liz and George are friends.

Just another way “Etch-a-Sketch Warren” is trying to fool Massachusetts.  

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