Why hasn’t Demos sued New York or other deeply blue states?

Demos’ claims of non-partisan activity don’t pass the smell test.  In a press release yesterday, Demos listed the states where it has successfully sued to enforce the motor voter law.  A hint, there aren’t any “blue states” besides Massachusetts.

Demos’ twelve-year history of working to build a robust democracy in which every American has a voice has included, since 2004, state-by-state efforts to ensure the enforcement of the NVRA at public agencies across the country. In partnership with local groups and national voting rights organizations, Demos’ efforts have led to compliance with the law and resulted in the registration of almost 1.5 million otherwise illegally disenfranchised voters in states including Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, and Virginia.

Never mind that these people weren’t “disenfranchised” they could have registered to vote in a variety of other ways.  What you should really focus on is the state’s wehre the activity happened.  Primarily Red and or swing states.  And this year, they went to what is considered a very blue state.  Why?  Because their Chairman of the Board’s mom needed the help.   That’s why.  

Any other explanation doesn’t pass a smell test.  

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