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    Or maybe ‘The Wild One’….

    I Googled ‘motorcycle’movies and according to this list here:  The #1 motorcycle movie of all time is “The World’s Fastest Indian”…No kidding!!!

  • gary

    from the guy on the right: “Ok, be honest does this ass make my bike look big.”

  • Matches Dukakis-tank….and John Kerry’s poseurism:

    “Can I get me a ridin’ license here?”

    Does she have her foot on the pegs with the bike on the stand?  POSEUR!!!

    …..and what friggin’ idiot let her touch his bike?????????

  • geo999

    “My great great great grandfather rode an Indian.


  • Publius Menpaean

    I believe the caption should read: “Elizabeth Warren already rides a hog too big for her. Her next hog will be your tax dollars.”


  • Vote3rdpartynow

    So someone in her campaign, while strolling around looking for votes, said “Hey, get on the motorcycle and let me snap a picture of you”.

    She is just sitting on the motorcycle – it’s not going anywhere!  She has no helmet on, the bike is not moving.  She might as well have sat on the hood of some car, or a mailbox or something.  Did she think she was gonna fool someone into thinking she was a biker chick?  ‘Gee, I am gonna vote for Professor Elizabeth Warren because she is a biker chick!’.  

    Maybe she stopped off at a biker bar and is now get ‘hammered’ along with the middle class….

  • I got this idea from Mike Dukakis but I couldn’t find a tank.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Sarah Palin on a motorcycle

  • on her face screams:


    This is how stupid the elites look when pretending to be like “the rest of us”…


  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    “I’ve been riding motorcycles my whole life”