V3PN’s top 5 things you should know – correction 6 things…

(Hey, well I guess imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery!

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1. Gas prices for the Labor Day weekend will very possibly be the highest they have ever been on any Labor Day in history. Many people could be paying $4 per gallon by the end of September.  “So let me see, how do we blame Bush for this again?”

2. I can not wait for Ann Romney to be the first lady of this great nation.  There is something really decent about her.  I get the impression that she is the kind of person you would love to have as a neighbor, as would the whole family.  The Romney’s are good, good people.  

3. The liberal mainstream media is again trying to raise Mitt Romney’s faith as an issue.  They truly want to find a reason, any reason, to try and peel votes away from Romney.  NPR released this story today and Matt Laurer was once again bringing up the subject this morning.  

4. Is Elizabeth Warren really beginning to sound like a broken record?  In today’s Boston Herald she once again dragged out the talking points: “Big Oil”, “Tax Breaks”, “Millionaires should pay as much as their secretary”, Blah, Blah, Blah……  She should start to realize that the catch phrases aren’t working and her numbers are falling fast…

5. The Democrats continue their ‘War on Women’ in the most despicable display of hate I have ever seen.  Read this story if you want to learn what ‘tolerance’ does not look like.

6. Did anyone notice how much Governor Bill Weld now looks like Tip O’Neill?  

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