Tom Weaver Proposes Elimination of the Department of Education

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AUGUST 3, 2012 — Westford, MA – Republican Congressional candidate Tom Weaver, a former Navy officer, small manufacturing business owner and pro veterans’ issues advocate, today questioned his GOP primary opponent Jon Golnik on his reluctance to make sweeping cuts to our Federal budget.

In a recent online discussion with the Westford Patch, Jon Golnik said “I do not think we should abolish the Department of Education. It simply not practical and it will not even get out of committee.”

Most voters know that the government is spending too much money and that as a result, jobs are being destroyed and we are losing our freedom and opportunity. Voters are looking for leadership in Washington DC, they are looking for direction. While my opponent may not understand leadership, I do.

I believe that we should abolish the Department of Education. I understand that it may be difficult; I understand that it will take time; I understand it will take work to build a coalition to get it out of committee, but it is the correct thing to do. Foremost, education is the responsibility of the States, not the central government.

The Department of Education was sold to the public as “the right thing to do.” DOE was directed to help states improve the performance of our students and help control the cost of higher education. In the 30 plus years since its creation, test scores have fallen in math, science and English. The cost of higher education has increased some 400% and so has the Federal Pell Grant system. The DOE is broken, not functioning and it is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars which should stay within the States.

As a small business owner, one constantly evaluates performance versus cost. The Department of Education has failed; it has not performed and needs to be eliminated. I am surprised that my opponent, a small business owner himself, does not understand the need for an investment to perform. Apparently, my opponent believes that one can run a business with performance inadequacies and waste.

One final thought, if all the power of education remains in the Federal Government. What if they get it wrong? What happens to our children and the future of this Nation? However, if education returns to the states per the 10th Amendment, what if a few states get it wrong? It seems obvious that our children have a better chance if we return the power of education to the states. It would be less expensive and the influence of lobbyist would be greatly minimized by the involvement of the parents on a local level.

Tom Weaver is a Navy Veteran and Eagle Scout; Weaver is married with 6 children and resides in Westford, Massachusetts.


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