Thoughts about my recent debate with Jon Golnik

Every time there is a debate, I learn more. Last night was no different. Hopefully, the voters will see the differences as well. This Nation needs more than another lawyer or Wall Street trained insider. I believe that I can be part of the solution which is why I asked questions dealing with vision, experience and leadership.

Vision? Restore a limited federal government; there are many things that the federal government should not be doing. Debt will destroy this Nation, debt is killing job creation. It must be fixed.

Experience? As a small manufacturing business owner for 25 years, I see the devastating effects of massive governmental bureaucracies and their combined effect on private job creation. Complex tax codes destroy the free market. As a nuclear engineer, I know that the governments’ lack of a real energy policy is jeopardizing our future. As someone that cleans dirty water, I know the draconian effects of the massive EPA. And as former Naval Officer, I understand the role of defending and protecting; versus being the world police.

Leadership? Being a new Congressman is like being a lowly Ensign on a ship – no one will listen. So, you start to build a team of like-minded first and second term Representatives. The key is leadership. Leadership training was mandatory in achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, it was a core program at the Naval Academy, it was re-enforced at Nuclear Power School, and it was part of management training at General Electric. This training provided the tools to being a successful Division Officer, Navigator, Flight Test Manager, robotic system integrator and small business owner, responsible for over 350 unique solutions to cleaning dirty water.

My opponent? He responded that he was happily married with a great family, he made friends and that he received a lot of votes during the last election cycle. He also pointed to his years at AIG and his 5 years as an online merchandise reseller for Boston College.

Summary? Many of us have great marriages and families – but that does not make us qualified to serve as a Congressman, neither does making friends. Receiving 42%of the vote as a Republican in one of the most pro-GOP election cycles means nothing. Trading derivative swaps at AIG is a job, but we all know what happened in 2008; a financial collapse which we continue to struggle with.

In short, there is no comparison with regard to experience, leadership or vision. There is a bold difference between my opponent and me. I ask for your support and vote on September 6th.

Tom Weaver – nothing but the truth…

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